OMG- I can't believe this o2 broadband thing is crap!! If you were thinking of buying it- please don't!

Koko mansion is just too boring please! Rita is the average Nigerian?? *for people who don't know who Rita is- please youtube 'koko mansion'- and for those of you who have no idea what koko mansion is- read my last post or google it*

so today i went to buy something in Euston. I was already pissed because the idiot (sorry- human being) that i was trying to book a ticket from was talking to me like i was uneducated- he was enunciating a lot and speaking slowly- as in are u friggin kidding me?? he was the one that didnt get my point!! i should have been talking as if he was the idiot! Anyway- i digress- so i went to buy something in a random shop- guy gives me receipt- no change- shooooo. I'm like dude- can i please have my change (i didnt actually use the word dude) and he's like- you gave me a 5 pound note. Blank stare. Before he finally gave me my money he now said 'i'm very sure you gave me a 5 pund note'- i swear if i didnt just take the money out of the cashpoint (which did not dispense 5 pound notes) i would have believed!

sugabelly- why can i not comment on your blog? or is it my razz internet?

So who is the person you like- is it the person that makes you want to put your 'best behaviour' on around them or the person that you can let it all hang out with?? the one who sends you a text and makes your heart skip a beat? or the person who just makes you smile?



Jokes from Koko Mansion

I waited and waited for koko mansion and seriously- where did they get these girls from?

classic lines:
1. 'its half gown'- 'half gown' is supposed to be 'high waist skirt'

2. 'i want to poopoo asap'- who uses that word and why does everyone have to know?

3. 'you people are talking about people who sleep with men to be able to afford blackberrys and 150,000 naira jeans- in unical, some girls go to a boutique and price a top for 2000 naira- then they go and sleep with 4 men to be able to afford it'- people are actually suffering- girls in university sleep with men for 500 naira!!

4. 'I thank God that in all the time i dated married men, i never disrespected anyone's wife'- as in whaaaat the hell?? you are sleeping with her husband- if thats not disrespect, i don't know what is!

5. general consensus in this mornings fascinating discussion about cheating was that all guys cheat and as long as he has the decency to not do it in your face, then he loves and respects you.

Why do all people accept that all guys cheat? I thought that the basic difference between humans and animals is that humans can control their instincts- you know what? even animals are schooled to control their instincts- so it irritates me when girls categorically state that 'all guys cheat' 'men will always cheat'- what does that even mean? And the worst thing is when i'm called 'naive' for believing that some guys have too much self- respect to cheat. I'm told to 'grow up'. I should grow up? In the same way that people have categorically stated that 'all men cheat', i am stating that 'all guys do NOT cheat' and the sooner that we adopt that as our mantra, the sooner guys realise that women value themselves highly and will not settle for less than faithfulness.

But i digress.... i'm sure i will get some more 'classic' koko mansion lines and update!!


ps- koko mansion is the new reality tv show by d'banj where 12 girls compete to be his 'kokolette' for a year. The kokolette will be his 'performance buddy' person and will also walk away with 5 million naira, a convertible and a diamond ring.