I am Nigerian

I am Nigerian. I am a fraudster. My life ambition is to trick every innocent person. To deprive them of their hard earned money. Even better if they are foreign. Because I am Nigerian, it is in my blood.

I am Nigerian. I am dishonest. Don't listen to anything I tell you. Its a massive lie. Its in my blood, because I am Nigerian.

I am Nigerian. I am unintelligent. Test me extensively. Ask me to prove intensely small details before I am allowed into your country. Don't invest in extra staff training so that your minions can differentiate between the 6 month applicant who is never coming back and the multiple entry visitor who has an excellent life here and pays less taxes. I want to live in a cramped house in your cold country because I am Nigerian.

I am Nigerian. I am on the watchlist for terrorism with Iran and Yemen. I didn't grow up here. I didn't school here. I didn't become an extremist here. I didn't buy my airline ticket here. I didn't carry a bomb from here. All responsibility was claimed by those responsible. But off course, they didn't notice before,that's its in my blood because I am Nigerian.

I am Nigerian. I am an animal. I have special cramped planes-smaller seats-no leg room, to make the six hour journey across continents. That's all I need-no more than is necessary, because I am less than human, because I am Nigerian.

Treat me like dirt. Make me stand in ridiculous queues and provide unnecessary evidence. Charge me ridiculously for my plane ticket. Treat me like a lesser person. Ask me ridiculous questions. You know what? I will still worship at the foot of the foreigner. I still sell my life possessions and pay agents ridiculous sums of money to get me into a country that is not my own. Cold or hot. English speaking or not. Whether I have to be a janitor even though I have a degree. Anyone else is better than me. Anywhere else is better than here. Because I am Nigerian.