new year!

so its a couple of days 2 the new year..hmm..i find myself adding things to the 'soon to be made' resolution list! hmmm..lose wight..be ore organised..study harder..get closer to God..and GET OVER MY EX!! i mean..this is getting pathetic..we broke up like a decade ago..ok like a year and a half ago! woah..it seems worse when i type it out..and i truly cannot believe im not over him! i can actually rememba most of our conversations...all the 'first times'..the guy has MOVED ON! and dats exactly what i want to do!

In books..the guy u most want always is seretely in love with you as well..and then it all ends in this cheesy scene where you confess that 'it' was there all along, you dump your partners and run into the sunset together! In real life..if i was to say..'i act stupid around you..cos im still crazily in love with you'..he'll look at me, sigh and say..'wat exactly do you want me to do?'

I wish ill c him and then he'll admit that he's never felt the same way for anyone else (yeah rite)..we were together for like 5 minutes!!
So realistically wat i really wish is that ill wake up one day and feel nothing!!
Just indifference..the opposite of love!

Im still excited that christmas is in 2 days..but i miss my best friend terribly *sob*
Who said single life was 'fun'??



y wont he call???

please ring!

i'm lying with my phone in my pocket, waiting for him to call..just one minute..just a 'how u doin'..just the sound of his voice..my boss has called..my aunt has called.my friends that I rarely talk to have called..but my phone is burning a hole in my pocket..and i just want to hear his voice..his or the new guy i met on friday!..but ill settle for his voice..please boy call!


pregnancy without sex anyone??

so! the first time i heard about this was in a book..so ok..i read about it! it was a danielle steele book..some of us know how dramatic she can be..so.humph!..the next time i heard about it was on scrubs! but some of us know how daft scrubs can be..humph!!..but when boy spurted dangerously close to the opening (or where i think the opening is) i decided 2 'google it'..and guess what.IT IS POSSIBLE!! it didnt help seeing ACTUAL testimonies of people it has happened to! yikes!! Getting pregnant without having sex is the stupidest thing that can happen to ANYONE..it's better to lose your virginity to an ugly stranger on the plane!! than to actually get pregnant without penetration.people give me hum drum about how sex is not necessarily penetration..nonsense!!

I'm buying a pregnancy test!!