Dear you,
Its too early to be writing you this letter but I'm so angry-im angry that I have a stupid crush-im angry that you've changed-im angry that I'm paranoid. I wish I didn't have this stupid crush-i wish my heart stayed in that jokey place that it was when we always used to talk about getting married and argue about how many kids we would have-now it annoys me that u call me boo! I hate that u find me sexy in a i-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off kind of way. I want you to find me more than sexy dammit!! Maybe its my stupid mouth-why did I have to tell you?? I hate this-im not 12!! I don't want to feel juvenile and edgy-i don't want to pick up my phone and wish there's a message from you-u know what I'm basically saying is-i wish you had a crush on me too!!:(


Feck it- going private felt like medicine after death! theyve already read my soul- so hey- read some more!



And the shit hits the fan...


Bye Bye blog!

i thought of going private but what would be the point?

u know the guy i met (last post) ps- i know ur reading this-yes im blogging about u again

Apparently we have mutual friends on fcebk who read my blog!! our mutual friends are not even my close friends- so to be fair-the whole world reads my damn blog!!

I might come back and post some random impersonal jokey things!!

I always knew my openess would be the fall of me

Ps-date went well, but dont be xpecting to hear more (apart from the fact that im giving up blogging-he prob wants nothing to do with my shallow self)

so adios cheries!!

ps- to the mutual friends that had nothing gud to say about me- u guys should try to get to know me-u might be pleasantly surprised.



Flabby Got Game!


I'm sitting in uni-serious mode- taking no breaks..just focused on my work...

I look up and there is a HOTTIE in my line of vision...

I'm only human...i stare

He catches me staring a million times- i don't look away- why does he keep looking my way anyway...

My ipod battery turns orange...i decide to ask him for a charger (yeh i know the guy next to me is listening to an ipod too-but i don't want to ask the guy next to me dammit!)

I stand up- he looks at me and quickly looks away!

I start to walk towards him, i catch a quick look of disbelief- but then he bends his head down

I'm at his table- 'hey, do you have an ipod usb thing'

'to charge your ipod'?


he gives me one! score- i walk away...

No more stares again- did i mention that his side view was MUCH hotter than the front?

I return the usb- we make small talk-name, course, that sort of thing- i go and sit back down!

He packs up his stuff- i wave, he ignores it and comes to stand beside me instead

'what are u doing'- i make a vague gesture towards my screen

he hangs around awkwardly- i open my mouth

'so do you want to give me your number'

i text- 'thought u should have my number'

he replies 'hey how are you? i didn't want to take your number before i thought i would leave it in your hands but I'm glad you contacted me! i think i have seen you around before?'

me- 'hmm maybe-not sure ive seen you tho!lol-its a big uni tho-so that's normal'

him- 'true, i had a meeting to go to earlier and you seemed a little busy but id like to see you again.''

'yeh-thats cool-what did u have in mind'?

'im cool with whatever.we could get lunch or watch a movie, just let me know when you're free'

I still have game!!


*special aside* if anyone wants to give feminist advice about how i shouldn't ask for a guys number- click the ex at the top right hand corner of ur screen.



Question of the day...

Question of the day...

Why is the better looking person in a relationship always assumed to be the less committed one?

Just can't figure ot out.



Dear Shoe

Dear Shoe,
I wish i had enough words to describe how much i love you. I never ever thought i could meet something so faithful, so loving, so kind. At first i thought it was clothes i loved- remember that time? when i went to Zara and decided that it was dresses i loved? I cant imagine how hurt you must have been. How did u feel when i twirled in front of the mirror in black lace? Did you sneer at how my legs looked without your lengthening abilities? You were there for me clothes broke my heart-the day jeans wouldn't zip up! You were waiting patiently for me to slip mu unmanicured feet into your beauty- how kind was that?

Then i remember when i broke your heart again with bags. It wasn't my fault- Donna Karan lured me in with a Christmas sale. I was hooked from there. You watched in silence as i went out with black, brown, flirted with gold, occasionally inviting you along. You didn't complain about being the third party. Even when i abandoned Gucci and DKNY for more lowly Paul's Boutique. You bowed your head in shame for me when a magazine pushed me to NEXT. NEXT? you screamed silently as i looked at you with a glare and shoved my feet angrily into your patent heeled beauty.

You listened to me when i cried that bag did not satisfy me anymore. You had an affair with me, just to feel the void that the green Gucci and red NEXT did not fill. That's when i remembered. Standing before your beauty one afternoon at faith- i remembered that it was you that had always been there for me. As i slid my feet into your size 7 beauty, it didn't matter that my waistline was smaller or that my bust was bigger- you ignored the size of my arse. As i paid for you again and again and then went to Topshop and repeated the exercise, i felt relieved somehow. When i zipped up the new skinny jeans and buttoned up an oversized jumper- i knew your brown four inch goodness would complete me. Indeed it did. There were glances of appreciation that i didn't notice before- because they weren't there. Everyone wanted you shoe- in a way that they didn't want clothes and bag. The size 20 that admired clothes but couldn't fit could fit into shoe- The money watcher that couldn't afford bag (or was unwilling to spend such) could find beautiful shoe to have.

I love you shoe. My words are inadequate to explain how much.