Dear Shoe

Dear Shoe,
I wish i had enough words to describe how much i love you. I never ever thought i could meet something so faithful, so loving, so kind. At first i thought it was clothes i loved- remember that time? when i went to Zara and decided that it was dresses i loved? I cant imagine how hurt you must have been. How did u feel when i twirled in front of the mirror in black lace? Did you sneer at how my legs looked without your lengthening abilities? You were there for me clothes broke my heart-the day jeans wouldn't zip up! You were waiting patiently for me to slip mu unmanicured feet into your beauty- how kind was that?

Then i remember when i broke your heart again with bags. It wasn't my fault- Donna Karan lured me in with a Christmas sale. I was hooked from there. You watched in silence as i went out with black, brown, flirted with gold, occasionally inviting you along. You didn't complain about being the third party. Even when i abandoned Gucci and DKNY for more lowly Paul's Boutique. You bowed your head in shame for me when a magazine pushed me to NEXT. NEXT? you screamed silently as i looked at you with a glare and shoved my feet angrily into your patent heeled beauty.

You listened to me when i cried that bag did not satisfy me anymore. You had an affair with me, just to feel the void that the green Gucci and red NEXT did not fill. That's when i remembered. Standing before your beauty one afternoon at faith- i remembered that it was you that had always been there for me. As i slid my feet into your size 7 beauty, it didn't matter that my waistline was smaller or that my bust was bigger- you ignored the size of my arse. As i paid for you again and again and then went to Topshop and repeated the exercise, i felt relieved somehow. When i zipped up the new skinny jeans and buttoned up an oversized jumper- i knew your brown four inch goodness would complete me. Indeed it did. There were glances of appreciation that i didn't notice before- because they weren't there. Everyone wanted you shoe- in a way that they didn't want clothes and bag. The size 20 that admired clothes but couldn't fit could fit into shoe- The money watcher that couldn't afford bag (or was unwilling to spend such) could find beautiful shoe to have.

I love you shoe. My words are inadequate to explain how much.



Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I love my shoes too
but i absolutely adore my bags.
I have more than 83 pairs of shoes
I have less than 20 bags though coz i like to spend a fortune on my bags rather than my shoes
so while i will buy shoes from anywhere (within reason) as long as i like it
I cant stand cheap (normally leather imitation)bags.
the only high street shop that I can stand when it comes to bags is river island(and only just).

Danny B said...

LOL.. Nice one.. I'm sure yr shoe is feeling very smug now.... after all the attention.....

mizchif said...

A girl after my own heart.
I know i don't own nearly as many shoes as i wish i could, but oh how they complete me.
I actually plan my outfits around my shoes now.

Buttercup said...

U cudnt have written this any better..

Yay for shoes!!!!!!! :D

DeeDee Brighton said...

*sigh*.. you read my mind.

Bombchell said...

(smh) I'm not even sure is there's a prescription for such a case tsk tsk. an ode to ur shoe.


i used to be that girl that had 2 black shoes (dressy & casual), no brown, 1 pair of sneakers & boots.

Now Im trying to add color etc

doll said...

I should write a post to my faithful jean pants

**sweets** said...

'jeaN pantSSS'......LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stop laughing!!! hahahahahahha.
okay to the note....i Love me my shoesES tooo!!!! although i don't have 83 pairs - such a random number by the way. haha (MDM...u def need shoe rehab! lol) my sister has over 150! - i shit u not! - that's just pure madness! have about 30 pairs *and that's just heels only!* self control is one of my strong points i guess...although i do fall into temptation every once in a while.
never been a big fan of clothes though...who cares! i think shoes make the outfit...who would ever overlook a sexy pair of stilettos! and bags...was a fan of Dkny too, but recently a big fan of Mr Vuitton himself. - explaining the dents in my account! haha -
but shoes are definitely numero UNO! let's try not to 'cheat' on them again :)

flabby said...

MDM- 83 pairs?! what size are u? *wink*- i wont mind me a zanotti pair! handbags- im ashamed to admit ive erred on the side of high street even though i swore never too! *hides face in shame*

Danny-ill do anything for 'shoe'..lol

mizchif-is there any other way to plan an outfit? i kid i kid- but it feels so good to know that the perfect fair awaits u at the end of your outfir selection process!

buttercup- i will pretend i havent noticed all the 'leggy' pictures!!

DeeDee- i hope there will be more minds like ours!!

Bombchell-tuttut- a girl with fab hair should have fab shoes to match!

doll- where have u been? jean pants uhn?

sweets-i miss you!!


exschoolnerd said...

this letter had me laughing..am more of an acessories whore!

exschoolnerd said...

the reason y i might not be that much of a shoe fan is cuz i have big feet and never find nething nice thats my size..so it just dampens my spirit when shoe shopping.so m leaning towards the converse n sporty shoes side..just got into bags now...

Funms-the rebirth said...

@ Miss DM: whats ur shoe size... lets swap. i think ive like 90 something here.

so dear flabby, how dear u turn ur back on Shoe.. the best thing thats ever happened to humanity since salvation....lol
i love shoes, i think i have only 5 bags, im trying to buy more sha but im a confirmed shoe addict. i buy my clothes based on my shoes. oh Lord help me.... glad uve realised how u love the shoe........ I love all my shoes.........

Chi-Chi said...

Beautifully written
I'm a lover of shoes, as well
: )

Smaragd said...

shoes rock!

u wear a 7? as in American 7? which means with a little shoe filler, i can wear ur shoes...lol

Tiwa said...

lol! shoes rock! i know i dnt appreciate them alot as well and i don't have enough of them as well

Anonymous said...


flabby said...

yay!!u guys lets have a shoe swapping party! size 7 only please!xo