I must not blog in proper English because for some reason on my last post-i got a lot of sympathy for 'roasting' on vals day- err-i didnt roast, (special aside to Lady Koko-what was that hateration for nau?)

DM where are you?


Abujamaiden said...

Roasting? lol! I sooooo did boo doesn't believe in vals (tschewwww!!!!)

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

HEY im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
was still smarting over that little debaucle of you cheating me out of a man.......I could have had the valentine of all valentines this year !!!!!!!
How have you been sweets???
I obviously have a lot of catching up to do

Naija Bloggers Awards 2009 said...

Hey Flabby,

Come check this out.

Buttercup said...

babe, i've edited my post and added u o! is that a "thank u" i hear? LOL..mwah!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

hey where you at