Its confession time!!

i lost the nigerian update post i was goin to put up- therez a lot hapn- MDM ur hot guy is in the bag!!

I didnt think i would do this- but im kinda tired of living a double life- so um u guys- blackberry?? thats me!



19th December, 2008.

I knew it.
From the moment I got on the plane
From the moment I heard his voice
From the moment I knew he was approximately 35 miles away
From the moment I knew I was going to see him
From the moment my heart stopped
When I thought of what to wear
From pacing in front of my mirror
Nervously glancing at my watch, biting my fingernails
Waiting- exciting the butterflies that had taken resident in my tummy

‘I’m scared’
‘Why are you scared?’
‘Because the last time I saw you, I was crazy about you. I don’t want that to happen again’

I knew that I was lying when I said I wasn’t sure
When I said I ‘might’
I knew I did
And then I saw him
Breath caught in my throat
My heart stopped beating
Over him?
I don’t think so.


Happy Birthday (to me)

So its my birthday. I find birthdays stressful because everyone wants so hard for you to be happy..that its exhausting at the end!! Like this yr i dint want to do anything- but obviously, my family would have none of that- so pple are going to come ova! i wish i was one of those chilled people that dont care about mixing friends and making everyone happy- but i know i wont relax if i dont think pple are happy!! argh!! Ok, guys..today is my birthday and deep down inside..im happy-i really am!!im tired of typing now- so ill blog soon!

happy birthday to me.
btw- im in Lagos..although i might go to abj for a bit..


Obligations, vibrators and cute boys!

Can i start by saying 'yepa!!'..i think i may have lost a very very important secret book!! demmit!! How the heck did i lose it??

So anyway- i couldnt think of anything exciting to blog about, so ill just blog about a couple of things.

First of all i was thinking about the fact that a vibrator vibrates! ok that sounds silly-but hell-ur going to put a plastic(or rubber or metal) foreign object inside u and then it vibrates as well-isnt that a bit much???? And maybe i understand the vibrating objects that just play around the outskirts but the ones that go in?? like seriously??

Obligation- like this really fascinates me-how any sort of special relationship (best friend, boyfriend, even parent!!) gives rise to so many oblligations!! as in geez- my friend has these theory that we focus on the stuff that people should be doing so we dont have to think of how they feel (or dont feel). E.g, you need the guy to call you everyday so you dont have to think of the fact that him not calling means he doesnt like you! As in really-all these obligations tire me out. I went to see a boy one time and my friends were so upset that i took a cab home!! 'why dint he drop u at hme..why did he let you take a cab?'..wtf??

I resepect the whole adoration thing and all-but quite frankly..were all different people. Some people love talking on the phone- some people dont. Some people love driving- some people dont. Now- i know what everyone is going to say- if someone likes you enough or loves you or whatever, they should be able to do these things. They should want to do these things!! To be honest- i dont necessarily agree. And i know we cant escape obligations, but i damn well wish we could! Now i feel so strongly about this, i can go on for ever, but ill leave it there for now.

So- someone mentioned music- right now i looove
1. hello-beyonce
2. fade into the background-neyo
3. lets just be-neyo
4. right na na na-akon

DM- u know i live (my blog life) for u!!hehe

Miss Cocoa- um..now wat can i say about u?? *scratches hair*..omg!! i might need some antidandruff shampoo!

So, im going to Nigeria. Everybody is waiting to see how i'd react being around my beloved Foil and my new Mr T. Hmmm. Me being the pure mask of ice that i am- im sure i'll be happy-go-lucky!! while my emotions beat against my chest!!

Omg!! i just remembered my psycho-past. I really have been the psycho-ex girlfriend before!! yiiikes..i cringe thinking about it..but i cant blog about it now-because this post is getting too long..so more about that later i hope..

Oh yeah- me, foil and Mr T- i remember this situation before- only--err, at that point it was just me and Foil thinking of how we could kick the third party out so we could..um..talk..yah..

Great- so ive fulfilled my obligation!! i hope ur satisfied!!

Love, me


So what should i blog about next? hmmm.