So what should i blog about next? hmmm.


Buttercup said...


U r not serious

Buttercup said...


U r not serious

Anonymous said...

Errr! I dont know o. Are you over him then?

Lolia said...

el oh el (as some of my very foolish friends would say) @ termite

true story though...

um...blog about whatever...I used to think...ok so what should I blog about today? then I would just start writing and it would come to me :)

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

blog about your love for me
how im your world your light
how without me you would wither away and die
how you blog only so that I alone could write a comment
how i am your main reason for living
Im sure there are plenty of amazing things you could write about me lol

NigerianDramaQueen said...

LOL@ Miss Def Maybe..you crazy!

Write about randombish! Whatever comes to mind babe!

ShonaVixen said...

I agree with NDQ, blog about anything that comes to mind...or maybe music - any songs that come to mind, what do they remind you of, which ones you cant stand!!

Lady Koko said...