They lied. Everyone that said time heals. It heals nothing. I swear, me and you was yesterday and I miss you. I can live with it, I'm not saying I can't, but since when was living with anything a sign of anything? I. Cannot. Move. On. I keep waiting for time to wash indifference over me, argh, I can make this long and still come to the same end. I'm fucked. I miss you.


I wanted you to tell me who you wanted me to be, so I could become that person for you. Was I not pretty enough maybe? I wanted to look exactly how you pictured attractive to look. More make-up? less? Natural hair? Braids up to there? Bigger? Smaller? Thinner? Fatter? How much shorter did you need me to be? I love flats Much taller? I really like heels too. What did you need me to listen to? Watch? read? did you want me to even read at all? I wanted to put my interests aside and fall in love with yours. I wanted to laugh exactly when you laughed in the movie. I wanted all the things you found funny to be funny to me. Everything you were interested in, I wanted to know first. So I could tell you, show you. So you could love me. I needed you to tell me who you needed me to be. So you could love me.