It's Over

So..im over him! I should be ecstatic..but i feel strangely..dissapointed?? dissapointed that its not harder..dissapointed that now theres this vague, empty feeling where my obsession used to be..Am i crazy?? Or needy? Do i just need an avenue to channel my emotional energy??


Conversation With my Mind

Why do you do the things you do?
Love makes you do crazy things

So you admit that you love him?
I dont know. I dont know if what i feel is real, or infatuation or if its just because i cant have him

What are you going to do?
I dont know. How am i going to get over him?

What do you think you should do?
I think i should stop talking to him. That might level my emotions somewhat.

Can you?
Can i? i guess i can. i'm not saying it would be easy but its not impossible. to make it easier i can do the delete number route....

I'm exhausted . Because i think all the time. My friend asked 'how long are you going to use Foil as an excuse?'..Why am i always looking for excuses. Why do i throw myself totally and completely into things i cant have? What i dont get is...If im making excuses to protect myself, why am i setting myself up for the dissapointment i'm supposed to be running away from?

LOL..im obviously in the process of getting over someone..so forgive my posts.