The Rebound

The whole world is just one big rebound.

You don't get the job you want...so you apply for another.

You see a nice dress in the sale but they don't have it in your size...so you buy another.

So is rebound a dirty word in relationships?

Why should you take time to dwell on the past in order to 'move on'?

Sometimes I don't even know where people get these ideals from. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A REBOUND. Generally. In specific situations, people need time to learn how to trust-etc. But generally, a rebound relationship is perfectly fine.

So stop crying on your sofa, watching rom-coms.


Whatever Will Be, Will Be.

I don't believe in fairytales. You know the one that tells you that if you act like a princess long enough, you'll find your prince charming? Better still- the ones that tell you that you don't HAVE TO be a princess yourself because prince charming really likes regular flawed girls. This is what I believe.

It's never about you. people think that if they are funny and interesting, then they will snag some guy. Guess what? Loads of people are funny and interesting, and in the big scheme of things, funny and interesting is an infinitesimal part of things. You know the difference between someone listening to what you had for lunch and how you nearly tripped over a stone and someone who doesnt care? Yep. The fact that they don't care. Your personality doesnt come first. Emotions do. Contrary to popular belief, your personality doesnt influence emotions as much as you like to think they do. Infact, physical attraction is probably way way way higher up the list- because our minds convince our hearts of what is right in the end.

So don't fuss too much about being something that you think will make you attractive. Just be yourself- because in the end...whatever will be, will be.