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I read somewhere before that a healthy relationship is like a three course meal-it leaves you so satisfied, that no matter what anyone else offers you, you are uninterested because you're so full. Now this may be true sometimes, but we all know there are some greedy ass people who will still accept more food. And yes, it may not taste as good as the delicious three course meal, but that doesn't mean it tastes bad. It doesn't mean it tastes bad at all!!!

So the age-long question-why do people cheat? Now I'm so tempted to ask 'why do guys cheat'-but maybe we all know everyone cheats and the guys get found out-because girls are not careless like that-just saying.

So why do 'people' cheat? Here's what @playbackgenius has to say...

Why Have a Snack when you got a Proper Meal?
That’s a typical question mothers ask their kids when they don’t want to eat amala and ewedu for dinner. However, this isn’t about food it’s about relationships, with a proper meal being what you have with your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse and a snack being that person you just gotta have even if it means you’re gonna be cheating.
Relationships are wonderful, they can also be headache. You deal with your girlfriend’s mood swings and your boyfriends inconsistency in making calls, or in this era PINGING! But nothing hurts more than to find out that your significant other has gone out for a snack, or bite.... (Ok that doesn’t right).
Sex plays an important role in relationships. For some, it’s the most important aspect of a relationship. A relationship without sex would be like strapping a hungry man to a chair and putting a plate of food a few meters away from him. For others, sex is just the icing on the cake. If there wasn’t much sex they wouldn’t stop falling in love (BLEH!!)
So why do people cheat? Men and women have sexual demands which they feel must be satisfied, and if they can’t get it from their partners they get it from someone else. This might sound selfish but as humans we all have individual demands, most of which are self serving. Sometimes we genuinely would love to remain faithful to our spouse but then we fall to the overwhelming power of sexual lusts that we forget about him/her for those precious 2 minutes.... or more.
Hmmm, but then again what could generate these ‘selfish’ demands? I’ll break it down into two parts: Starvation and Greed.
Picture a girl in a relationship with this dude. She feels he’s the one. However, homeboy ain’t always around when it’s -10 degrees outside and she’s all alone licking her ice-cream with Bruno (the golden retriever), watching Grey’s Anatomy. Her man is always busy with work, or worse he’s not within close proximity aka it’s long distance thing. Her sexual cravings increase. She goes out with her girlfriends one night to a bar, meets this dude, they start talking and once the night’s over, they stop by the convenience store to buy a box of condoms. They both get into her house and she can’t wait for them to get into the bedroom. Six hours after doing the nasty the house looks like Armageddon just happened. The girl in this scenario is starved. Her sexual escapades or lack of pushes her to go do something she probably wouldn’t have if her partner was available.
This dude on the other hand has a sexually active relationship but his homeboys come through telling him that he’s lost his pimp game, he doesn’t hang around with the fellas anymore, and he’s a sucker for love, yada yada yada. Meanwhile, this girl in class has been giving him ‘the look’ from day one and her backside isn’t looking bad at all (yes boss). His professor decides to put the both of them in a team for a particular project which means they’ll get more periods spent together, most times in her private residence where she feels more comfortable wearing her t-shirts without a bra . It doesn’t take long before the inner pimp asks him “umm dude when, when are you gonna tap that?” O_o

I’m going to point out here that snacks are not meant to replace a meal but if you think one has nothing to with the other, try a portion of dumplings at wagamama and tell me if you jump on your katsu curry with as much enthusiasm afterwards.

Whatever the case is, cheating is cheating and it could leave your partner hurt, or even the both of you. Some relationships survive after a cheating experience. A lot of them don’t. Successful relationships are built through good communication, trust and the ‘S’ word......Sacrifice. A little snack every now and then might taste good, but it can’t replace what you get from a proper meal. And if it does, maybe being a relationship is really your thing.
It’s not fair, Eve had it easy. She opened her eyes and there was a beautiful naked man beside her who she just happened to be made for. He was already in love with her so no analysing if he was really going to meet her next to the stream when he said so, or if he really meant it when he invited her to eat some grapes.

She didn’t have to analyse how he felt the morning after he saw her naked- and what bodily insecurities could she have had? She was vegan for goodness sake. Ok so she might have been a little gassy, but that body was definitely amazing.




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I want someone to tell me what to do. Up till now, life has been pretty much straightforward. You do a levels to get into uni, you do uni, you do masters, then what? Its really really hard trying to make decisions for myself- Before I started masters, I secretly wished that I'd fall in love and then take the next direction in my life based on where his life was going. I just hate being at this 'adult' stage where I have sole control of my life. OK truthfully, I've had a lot of control for a while- but there have always been people with strong opinions to pull me in different directions. Now, there are no more opinions, there's just me. Mine. And I don't know what I want to do.