Now let me just point out that a lot of people will disagree with me and that's fine


please please please

i am SICK and TIRED of people constantly berating other people for the amount of culture they choose to exhibit

A Nigerian magazine had an Indian person on the cover- guess what? India's latest vogue has a black (non-Indian) person on the cover- as in seriously- covers are for people who inspire- and yes in a huge country we have more than enough people that inspire- but by denying that there are successful people from other nationalities that we can imbibe? is that not doing the exact same thing we berate of the Western world??

Dare likes non-Nigerian/ Asian/ whatever type of babe in his video- SO WHAT? how do you know his wife has not said 'babes i don't want any fine naija stuvs in your video o- ill be more comfortable if she wasn't'. And i'm sorry but African men preferring white women is belittling black women? what? If a black guy tells me I'm not good enough for him by virtue of the fact that I'm black- i will find one that doesn't- I'm not going to be scared that when my daughter is born- she is going to hate the colour of her skin. Let's be honest- black women come with certain traits- (I'm generalising here because not everyone is the same)- what if the guy wants something simpler? What if he wants someone to look at him as funny and witty and adoration (and trust me- I've seen babes in my uni with white girls when black girls are like 'hell no- i can never..') so the guy should go home and cry? By restricting himself- isn't he doing the exact same things we accuse the westerners of doing

So a good number of us school abroad. Have we not in essence told Nigerian universities 'I'm sorry but i want something better'- so what? people in Nigerian universities should feel inferior?

My point is- there isn't always a black and white- we won't always agree on issues dealing with interaction with the western world- which we struggle to make ourselves a part of..

So PLEASE- STOP shoving your opinions down our throats- be open minded. Just because you think something does not mean it's the only right- There are a thousand views on anything- accept that your opinions are your opinions- NOT the TRUTH!!

So as a general last minute pointer- i did NOT take sides- i pointed out that we should always look at a well rounded view of things and respect other people's opinions and my examples just show that there is usually more than one side to the story- so please if you are not going to give a constructive comment- then click the ex at the top right hand of your screen. This is not a war call or a personal attack on anyone.

*PS- isn't the weather amazing? Oxford Street was actually empty today- everyone having fun in the park no doubt*



I'm sexy
This fact is not because I have the most amazing body
By any standards-i don't
I've given up the battle with my body and embraced it
I have accepted that my boobs will never see DD again
And people will always stare at my ass
So no-its not because I have the most amazing body
Infact I actually don't know what it is
But I know that's what it is that makes a random guy drive to my street and wait for me after seeing mr crossing the road-looking rundown from the gym
Its the reason I've been labelled 'husband snatcher'-infact make that 'guy snatcher' because the label extends across a wide range of commitments
Its the reason why people are infatuated with me so strongly and then stop being infatuated with the same passion that they started
The reason why loads of attatched guys flock to me-but with the ubderlying 'I'm not going to fall for you and leave my babe o'
Why when my face got burnt with hot water my boyfriend said 'ill talk to her when she's fine again'-although at that time I doubt he got it
Its why someone would write 'I want to fuck you till you can't walk' in my hb on facebook
Its why when a guy starts discussing 'us' a week after meeting me-my friend asks-'why is it always u that eneds up in this position'
Its the reason why guys would hang out of their car windows and shout 'is it my fault that you are fine'

So yeh-im ' sex-y'
And I hate it
I always have-and I probably always will
But it is what it is-and this is a post of acceptance
Acceptance of the fact that girls would probably continue to say 'apparently he thinks you're hot'
And guys would continue to stop in their cars and get hopelessly infatuated
But as long as one person sees past all the 'sex'
I'll just be grateful
Like they say 'attention is better than no attention' (I just made that up btw)

*ps-thank you for all the 'first time pple on my last post-i will get back to all of u soon-i just finished my exams and all*

AND- I'm posting from my phone in impossibly tiny font so ignore mistakes (or try to) and ignore also sentences that don't make that much sense-i tend to assume that everyone is in my head so I onnly explain things halfway!



what happened was...

So i'm at work on this day
and this guy asks me if we have luxuries in Nigeria
So i ask him 'what do you mean by luxuries'
and he says
'you know- things like TV'

say what now??
Nigga puh-lease
Imma slap you into next week!!




fickle human behaviour 1-its not me-its you

Isn't it funny how as human beings we inteprete everything based on our shallow perceptions?
For example-who is a stalker? Actually-what characteristics does a stalker have?
They stalk you-duh! Follow you around-know everything about you? Obsessed?
Characteristics of a girlfriend-no?
So she doesn't literally follow you around, but she's always in ur pocket- a text or phone call away to explain why you are changing your plans for the day-she knows where you are-she knows what you like-what you don't like-chances are she knows what you had for dinner last night-yes maybe you WANT her to know these things-but she still has stalker traits
Or the day you met a guy that you thought was sooo hot!
The next day he calls you once and then twice and then again and again-and omg-hes so interesting and funny and cool and attentive
But you meet this guy and give him your number out of maybe pity
He calls-you ignore
He calls again-you pick up and pretend you were in the bathroom before-then proceed to pretend that you are enjoying the conversation
When he calls you again-he is a stalker
Ps-he hasn't even called half the number of times as hot guy
Or your girlfriend-you break up-you agree to stay friends
She's your ex now-she calls a few times or says hi when she sees you online
'Omg-my ex keeps bugging me'
My point-if you haven't gotten it by now is that if someone changes-and you remain the same-why are you left looking like the crazy person that can't take a hint?
What happens when the exact same things you used to do mean something else because the other person changed?


I'm writing you a letter...

Dear God,
I wish i could talk to you more- but i think words are words- whether or not i speak or write. Can i start by saying i miss you? I miss those easy times when all i had was faith- when you made me happy and i talked to you all the time. The times when all i did was to make you happy and doing things that upset you upset me too. This is a turbulent time- a time when I'm unsure. Suddenly, I've started to feel like I don't actually know u- who are you!? I don't want to feel like a hypocrite or to blow hot and cold- i want to be hot for you Lord. I tried to act like it didn't matter- the fact that we don't have that much of a relationship anymore. It does matter- in the morning when i wake up and at night before i go to sleep- and all the moments in between. It matters. I need you so much. But i don't want to need you without knowing you. I want to know you and i want to love you and then i want to need you. But then i realise i need you first. I need you to show me you. Then to show me how to love you. Then to let me need you.

So God i guess what I'm saying is lead me back to you- and while we're working on our relationship- can i just throw in a prayer for exam help? You know it means so much for me to not graduate average- and not just to me- to everyone else that has a stake in my life. I won't go into it Lord- i know you know.

Thank you because i know you are reading this and maybe in time the words will come more easily to me as a voice- but just for today, accept my hastily typed words.

Your daughter and your friend,


The story of her lips

Sometimes her lips tasted sweet
Like the lollipop she had pulled out moments before

Or salty
Like the nuts she had been nibbling on...

Sleepless nights and bleary eyes...

Or wet
A detox diet...

Brandy and chocolate
A bitchy sleepover with the girls...

Cookies and cream
crying, screaming down the phone...

Another detox diet...

And i waited for the chapped, dry lips
That had seen no food or drink
Unmoisturised lips that delivered a small kiss...

A small soft kiss that said
I know
You did it before
You will do it again
But i forgive you.