I'm sexy
This fact is not because I have the most amazing body
By any standards-i don't
I've given up the battle with my body and embraced it
I have accepted that my boobs will never see DD again
And people will always stare at my ass
So no-its not because I have the most amazing body
Infact I actually don't know what it is
But I know that's what it is that makes a random guy drive to my street and wait for me after seeing mr crossing the road-looking rundown from the gym
Its the reason I've been labelled 'husband snatcher'-infact make that 'guy snatcher' because the label extends across a wide range of commitments
Its the reason why people are infatuated with me so strongly and then stop being infatuated with the same passion that they started
The reason why loads of attatched guys flock to me-but with the ubderlying 'I'm not going to fall for you and leave my babe o'
Why when my face got burnt with hot water my boyfriend said 'ill talk to her when she's fine again'-although at that time I doubt he got it
Its why someone would write 'I want to fuck you till you can't walk' in my hb on facebook
Its why when a guy starts discussing 'us' a week after meeting me-my friend asks-'why is it always u that eneds up in this position'
Its the reason why guys would hang out of their car windows and shout 'is it my fault that you are fine'

So yeh-im ' sex-y'
And I hate it
I always have-and I probably always will
But it is what it is-and this is a post of acceptance
Acceptance of the fact that girls would probably continue to say 'apparently he thinks you're hot'
And guys would continue to stop in their cars and get hopelessly infatuated
But as long as one person sees past all the 'sex'
I'll just be grateful
Like they say 'attention is better than no attention' (I just made that up btw)

*ps-thank you for all the 'first time pple on my last post-i will get back to all of u soon-i just finished my exams and all*

AND- I'm posting from my phone in impossibly tiny font so ignore mistakes (or try to) and ignore also sentences that don't make that much sense-i tend to assume that everyone is in my head so I onnly explain things halfway!



Anonymous said...

kk..im first?!

Anonymous said...

yeah i guess..anyway u hate being sexy?!now y dont i believe you?!lol...anyway...i guess its not a cup of chocolat all teh time but come on there must be a good part that ur missing!

akaBagucci said...

people will say whatever they want to say.....and they will see whatever they want to see ........... its not worth stressing over i think...

Qube The Wordsmith said...

Hw can u hate bin sexy?? strange..

N can u mail me ur addy so I can come watch u walk too?

juiceegal said...

Lol at Qube.Flabby im glad uv accepted urself the way u are.
I used to feel the same way too,used to complain that my breasts were too big and that my ass was too big and that it was causing unecessary attention(which i honestly hated,i know some pple wld be like hw can u hate attentio??),i tried to loose weight but it dint work so acceptance is the only option i had left and i'm embracing it and my size 12 figure.
So here is to sexiness(raisin my imaginary glass to u..lol)

RocNaija said...

You actually make a whole lotta sense..
It does get annoying when you're stereotyped off the physical..

Good thing though is you're cool with it..

In the words of Jigga.. "I can understand why all these people be mad at me.. sit around, be like damn! that should be me.."

flabby said...

leggy- there are obviously good parts to it but bad parts make more interesting reading!

Bagucci-yeh ive finally figured that out

juiceg- lol! *clinks glass*

Roc- lol!

~Sirius~ said...

Feeling your pain girl!


You shouldn't hate the fact that you are sexy.........a lot of girls would kill to be in your shoes......

I learned to completely shut down silly things guys do/say just to get with me.

They will never stop, 'cos that's just who they are!

flabby said...

lol- shey!! im beginning to slowly come to terms with it jore!

Sir Scribbles II said...

LOL! Sir Scribbles is out there tryin to clean up the image of the male specie and mad men are acting like retards from there cars...my work will never be done lol. So ass you say....lol

Splash said...

i use to wear turtleneck tops to hide my boobs but got them more emphaSIZEd. later on i was like what the heck, if u've got it flaunt it baby.

embrace your sexIness and make it work for you.