fickle human behaviour 1-its not me-its you

Isn't it funny how as human beings we inteprete everything based on our shallow perceptions?
For example-who is a stalker? Actually-what characteristics does a stalker have?
They stalk you-duh! Follow you around-know everything about you? Obsessed?
Characteristics of a girlfriend-no?
So she doesn't literally follow you around, but she's always in ur pocket- a text or phone call away to explain why you are changing your plans for the day-she knows where you are-she knows what you like-what you don't like-chances are she knows what you had for dinner last night-yes maybe you WANT her to know these things-but she still has stalker traits
Or the day you met a guy that you thought was sooo hot!
The next day he calls you once and then twice and then again and again-and omg-hes so interesting and funny and cool and attentive
But you meet this guy and give him your number out of maybe pity
He calls-you ignore
He calls again-you pick up and pretend you were in the bathroom before-then proceed to pretend that you are enjoying the conversation
When he calls you again-he is a stalker
Ps-he hasn't even called half the number of times as hot guy
Or your girlfriend-you break up-you agree to stay friends
She's your ex now-she calls a few times or says hi when she sees you online
'Omg-my ex keeps bugging me'
My point-if you haven't gotten it by now is that if someone changes-and you remain the same-why are you left looking like the crazy person that can't take a hint?
What happens when the exact same things you used to do mean something else because the other person changed?


Chi-Chi said...

1st lol
lemme go read..

Chi-Chi said...

lmao...so true!
but i can't answer your question
i didn't get it :(

Lolia said...

What happens? Nothing now, the other person changed and you stayed the same...It sucks but oh well...If it hurts so bad then maybe you should change too...Unless of course you don't want to...as is often the case....But sometimes you change and people stay the same...Ainsi va la vie querida mia, ainsi va la vie x

Danny BaGucci said...

Its life I think.. People change.. We also change.. We just need to keep a sane head in all of it i guess

RocNaija said...

The most constant thing in life.. Change..
Unfortunately not everyone adapts at the same speed..

sweetness said...

and its so annoying but yeah well... it happens anyway
definately true
ppl change dats da only this about people thats predictable

Anonymous said...

like someone once said things change. and friends leave. and life doesnt stop for anybody...

Lady X said...

Interesting and very true!
Just like when someone you don't love says something hopelessly romantic and you go 'Um...Seriously..'

kay9 said...

Its really not that hard to explain; humans beings were created that way. As in, created to be fickle. Simple.

Anonymous said...

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