And the shit hits the fan...


Bye Bye blog!

i thought of going private but what would be the point?

u know the guy i met (last post) ps- i know ur reading this-yes im blogging about u again

Apparently we have mutual friends on fcebk who read my blog!! our mutual friends are not even my close friends- so to be fair-the whole world reads my damn blog!!

I might come back and post some random impersonal jokey things!!

I always knew my openess would be the fall of me

Ps-date went well, but dont be xpecting to hear more (apart from the fact that im giving up blogging-he prob wants nothing to do with my shallow self)

so adios cheries!!

ps- to the mutual friends that had nothing gud to say about me- u guys should try to get to know me-u might be pleasantly surprised.



JustDB said...

hey.. not sure u should allow dem peeps run you off blogger like that tho......... but hey.. do what u have to do for yourself...

Nice Anon said...

This sucks. one of the reasons i don't have a blog. Goodluck with everything though.

Confessions of a London gal said...

Awww honey, this dont sound good...
Gimme their names- will deal with 'em for you ! lol

Buttercup said...

NAWA O!!!!!!!

DeeDee Brighton said...

shit mehn
this blogging thing can be bad.. but who cares what they think, its your opinion babe!