Flabby Got Game!


I'm sitting in uni-serious mode- taking no breaks..just focused on my work...

I look up and there is a HOTTIE in my line of vision...

I'm only human...i stare

He catches me staring a million times- i don't look away- why does he keep looking my way anyway...

My ipod battery turns orange...i decide to ask him for a charger (yeh i know the guy next to me is listening to an ipod too-but i don't want to ask the guy next to me dammit!)

I stand up- he looks at me and quickly looks away!

I start to walk towards him, i catch a quick look of disbelief- but then he bends his head down

I'm at his table- 'hey, do you have an ipod usb thing'

'to charge your ipod'?


he gives me one! score- i walk away...

No more stares again- did i mention that his side view was MUCH hotter than the front?

I return the usb- we make small talk-name, course, that sort of thing- i go and sit back down!

He packs up his stuff- i wave, he ignores it and comes to stand beside me instead

'what are u doing'- i make a vague gesture towards my screen

he hangs around awkwardly- i open my mouth

'so do you want to give me your number'

i text- 'thought u should have my number'

he replies 'hey how are you? i didn't want to take your number before i thought i would leave it in your hands but I'm glad you contacted me! i think i have seen you around before?'

me- 'hmm maybe-not sure ive seen you tho!lol-its a big uni tho-so that's normal'

him- 'true, i had a meeting to go to earlier and you seemed a little busy but id like to see you again.''

'yeh-thats cool-what did u have in mind'?

'im cool with whatever.we could get lunch or watch a movie, just let me know when you're free'

I still have game!!


*special aside* if anyone wants to give feminist advice about how i shouldn't ask for a guys number- click the ex at the top right hand corner of ur screen.



Buttercup said...


Buttercup said...

Hehehe! Flabbyzzle! I was in semi-awe when u told me yesterday..lol..i want to be like u when i grow up mehn..

Aww a date! Im excited for u hon! :D

doll said...

am clicking te small x on the top right hand corner now.....

But not before posting...LOL

Norring do you...keep us posted

mizchif said...

You go girl!

lol @ clicking the small 'x' at the right hand corner.

blogoratti said...

You definitely got game miss!

JustDB said...

wow...... tight game here... norrin do u at all at all o... keep us in the loop aight?

Abujamaiden said...


wordmerchant said...

i like your style...a woman who knows what she wants.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

ha ha ha ha ha
you hussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha ha ha
poor boy
you bullied him, bet he didnt know what hit him
thats why i love you
you got iron balls

African Weight Loss Diva said...

#you got game girl. i wish i could eva get that kinda courage!!

Nefertiti said...

LMAO @ ur disclaimer, crazy girl! Keep us posted.lol

Funms-the rebirth said...

go flabby!!!!!!!!!!1 u got game! i should get this kind of courage o.... hmmm one of these days..... so lets know how ur first date goes

DeeDee Brighton said...

*thats why they call me Go Girl! Get'em Flabby!*

Anonymous said...

You sure got game!!!

Confessions of a London gal said...

Gurl! You gats more than game, maaan! I really cant stand people that think that guys should be d only one that should ask for nos and sturvs, sure its nice to be asked...but what if dude is a shy guy? I so aint gonna miss me luck bcos dude slacked and i slack join am!

Izzie said...

loves it!