pregnancy without sex anyone??

so! the first time i heard about this was in a book..so ok..i read about it! it was a danielle steele book..some of us know how dramatic she can be..so.humph!..the next time i heard about it was on scrubs! but some of us know how daft scrubs can be..humph!!..but when boy spurted dangerously close to the opening (or where i think the opening is) i decided 2 'google it'..and guess what.IT IS POSSIBLE!! it didnt help seeing ACTUAL testimonies of people it has happened to! yikes!! Getting pregnant without having sex is the stupidest thing that can happen to ANYONE..it's better to lose your virginity to an ugly stranger on the plane!! than to actually get pregnant without penetration.people give me hum drum about how sex is not necessarily penetration..nonsense!!

I'm buying a pregnancy test!!

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NewLife said...

Thats because there is so much more to sex than penetration Theres really no more dignity in "fooling around" as people call it than penetration, I dont know what your reasons are for no penetration, wrong is wrong and sin is sin. It helps not to put ones self in compromising situations not to talk of even getting as close you did.
Please be careful and yes one of my friends got pregnant that way.