Revision and Letting Go

Things ive done today to avoid revision...

1. eaten
2. studied a different module to the one im supposed to be studying
3. eaten
4. cleaned my kitchen
5. eaten
6. read cosmo
7. created a drop box account (those things are really useful though)
8. listened to new stuff from kate nash (that girl is bloody amazing)
9. eaten
10.edited a chapter from my book
11.writing this post

My exams are in exactly one month. I need to stop with the distractions or im going to be FAT and FAIL. Not a good look for summer!

Getting over someone is a lonely process. Noone wants to listen to it after it's over. I love how everyone shouts 'MOVE ON' 'HES NOT WORTH IT', oh and the most amazing 'THERE ARE OTHER FISH IN THE SEA'. Wow thanks friend, are you done with the cliches now? I guess I understand it. If a relationship ends, it's likely that it wasn't 'worth it', but why do people always make break ups about the other person? 'HES NOT CRYING ABOUT YOU'. Thats not really the point though is it? The point is that you're hurting and you're looking for a way out of the pain without running away from it. 'STOP THINKING ABOUT IT', im not thinking. im feeling. So yes- my mind actively thinks about other things now. But sadness- its a feeling, not a thought. I know what heals. Time. But that doesnt change the fact that while i'm waiting for it to kick in, i want to talk about the difference between how I felt yesterday and today. How I go for whole hours without feeling anything. How I bump into the new girlfriend and survive- even smile- even make conversation!

I know people think moving on is about name calling 'hes an idiot' 'shes uglier than you', but common- Its about listening, patience- time.

*im sorry i never spell check and stuff- reading stuff just after i write is something ive never really mastered*

Enjoy the sun people!! (the ones that havent seen sun for a while)



Anonymous said...

Nice Anon: Somehow the steady "feeling" of the pain will decrease but you have to make the active effort to. Take care of you

onosetale(damsel) said...

stay focused on your school, friends and family. Enjoy the summer, i have a feeling that summer '10 will be the best one yet. Focus on your feelings right now and enjoy being by yourself, without worrying about another person. Best of luck with exams!!

Myne Whitman said...

Get to studying girl, I also don't want to have you fat cos that's a lot of eating, LOL..

Sumptuous said...

Now thats a lot of eating! Read ur books o. So true on recovering from a broken heart but i think being busy/occupied helps and yeah, still gotta wait for time to do it's job.

Sumptuous said...
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