After a while, you start to understand who you are. Maybe none of us ever gets complete understanding, maybe we arent even supposed to- because we change, and we grow and then the process has to start again. But sometimes, we start to understand, and that beginning is important- its even enough, for a while.

I read my old diaries. I didnt like how similar i was to the person I used to be. Narcissistic. Thats one way I've always wanted to be different. To come out of my head and realise that the world- even my world, isnt solely about ME. There are other views, thoughts, feelings. What I want isn't always what matters. Because we all want. We all need. We all want someone to be something to us. But my wants and needs do not exist in isolation. I can't have my own expectations without realising that other people have expectations too.

So i'm only starting to understand myself. And accept myself. And realise that this world doesnt spin for me.

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doll said...

you can be fearless..the person to make the decision is YOU