Love...on TV

Love on tv is always so simple. It's a feeling that doesn't have to be based on anything concrete. Heck, its a feeling that doesn't have to be based on anything. Just well positioned 30 seconds here and there with their faces in close proximity and hey! Love.

Maybe that's why I love rom-coms. Some people like stories about vampires and wizards. I like stories about love. It's all fantasy right?

I don't know what love is. I don't know if I've felt it. And no- don't say if you have you know, because I've been with many people that felt like the centre of my universe at the time. They had my heart, head, entire being until they didn't. Does that still qualify?

When people last forever. Is it because of love? or is it just a combination of various factors like say timing- or just the desire to make an effort?

I don't know. All I know is I love love on TV.


Roc said...

I'd say it's the 'desire to make an effort' bit..

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

If only things worked out in real life as easy as they do in romantic comedies...or TV in general. *le sigh*

Vanity said...

Thats why i love grey's anatomy. their love stories are never generic

but i agree with you, i love love on tv