Venus vs Mars

Opposites attract but similar stay together. Don't argue, just accept it. Relationships are hard enough without disagreeing with someone on fundamental tenets of life. Similar doesn't mean the same...it means similar. Most importantly, that you agree on the important things. Don't fool yourself into thinking that the fact that someone doesn't like kids while you see yourself having 15 kids in quick succession isn't important...it is. Nothing is important in the first glow of 'love/lust/infatuation'...Even lack of conversation can seen romantic. But as I grow older, i'm realising that honestly, clich├ęs about relationships exist because they are mostly true. Exceptions are exceptions. Don't live life expecting to be the exception. Live your life trying to be happy. Do you know what will make you happy? Being with someone from the same planet as you!


Muse Origins said...

You've definitely got to have similar interests. But differences make things interesting

Muse Origins

Rubina said...

Hi there

It seems that similarity keeps things peaceful in a relationship. If there is no similar likes between a couple, then you have to have one side who enjoys sacrifices. (Most of the time its the ladies) I know this because when I tell my hubs lets stay home for at least one weekend, he says, make most of going out now because when we age we will not have the energy to walk out the door so much. ( That was mean) But as I said , love the sacrifice and you will find peace.