Is there such a thing as too nice? Yes, there is. How do I know this? I. Am. Too. Fucking. Nice. Too nice. It hasn't gotten me anywhere in life. I don't know if it's a romcom thing that says that nice will get you anywhere in life (or at least get you the hottest girl), in real life nice just doesn't work.

I have to admit that I've changed and gradually become a little more selfish and it's paid off. A balance has to be struck and i'm still learning how to strike that balance.



Real8 said...

oh menh! please dont stop being nice and make sure in all these ur selfishness u dont become wicked and miss out on good things in life. remember a patient dog eats the fattest bone yea? happy new year.

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Gerard Deeds said...

Hey man trust me don't stop being nice never stop being nice. Trust me not an experience you want to go down. Take it from me former nice guy present asshole :D