Getting that figure 8 aint an easy something!!

Ok- my title was stupidly cheesy- wareva!!

So Lolia- i can only do this for you o!!

ps- The term Internet meme (pronounced /miːm/) is a phrase used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet, much like an inside joke.[1] The term is a reference to the concept of memes, although this concept refers to a much broader category of cultural information.

and yeh i just copied and pasted from wikepedia- for people like me that did not know what that word meant!!

so basically i do a series of 8 things- don't know the other rules:)

8 things i look forward to
1. Breaking my extremely looong kiss-a-bacy (its been 9 months- i have forgotten how to use my lips- oh and have you seen that 'kiss' advert? so annoying but i cant tear my eyes away):(

2. Finishing exams (although it would help to start first sha)

3. Graduation (yep- soon as i shall be taking those 'front step of the hall' picture)

4. July!!! (oh the things that this month holds for me- I'm sorry i cant really go into detail *shivers in pleasure*)

5. Meeting all my bbm friends that i haven't meant- *forget meeting in any other way- a bbm (black berry messenger) friend is a friend for life:)-OK not liife sha- but a long time

6. d'banjs new show- 'koko mansion'- it starts on the first of June on HITV!! I want to be a kokoleeet!! (at the risk of being disowned):(

7. Being really rich- i cant remember who it was that said 'when i step on a plane and always turn left'- private jet has never been something i wanted

8. Publishing my first book :) (OK actually i should have said 'finishing' my first book)

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Had a 'lunch' that lasted just over 4 hours!! *hehe* (when i was supposed to be in the library)

2. Wore red lipstick (kai that thing makes me feel so hot)

3. Listened to my 'revolver' album- John Legend is a legend!! (no pun intended)

4. Had my heart bruised

5. Slept with two of my flatmates in a not that big bed (when all our beds were empty and less than 3 feet away)

6. Ate 3 meals!! (this hardly ever happens-I'm just so lazy)

7. Told Lolia that i HATE memes

8. Got convinced half an hour later to do this one :(

8 Things I wish I could do
1. See 'someone'

2. kiss 'someone'

3. drop out of school

4. have a baby

5. Lie down in the dark for hours and listen to slow music (not as sad as it sounds- and i cant do it because I'm studying for exams)

6. Turn my emotions on and off

7. be a little less open and honest

8. Stop being so insecure and calling myself fat:(- In my head i know that i am NOT fat- but i cant help myself!! PS (hence the name flabby)

8 people i tag2.
if you are reading and you haven't been tagged consider yourself tagged!!

peax people!!



RocNaija said...

Lol.. Intruiging post..

Okay so i'm lagging behind with bbm.. always have been an early adopter.. wonder..

So is it fair to assume you wont be blogging much in July then..

flabby said...

bbm really is the best thing since gravy..

it is fair to assume i wont be doing a lot of things in July- or i might be doing a lot of things

...depends on how you look at it:)

Lolia said...

Yayy you did it :)

Je suis fier! xx

My World said...

Thats a really comprehensive list......

Afunto baby! said...

BBM IS THE WAY FORWARD JARE! lmaooo.. I totally feel you on #1! that advert is totally annoying... lol. koko mansion hmm sounds interesting.. i cant wait to watch it either...

mizchif said...

As much as i think the idea of a KOKO MANSION is very dummb and unoriginal, i can't wait to see how it will play out. I'm sure it will be quite entertaining, though irritating at the same time!

Hmmm, this JULY sef....... All the best in ur exams tho.

Tiwa said...

I really cannot wait for that koko mansion show..the drama is going to be off the radar!!

I think john legend is really a legend..everybody knows has been on my repeat playlist

n u want to have a baby? pls chill oh!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Are you in my head? Seriously?
So many of the things in your head are in mine too...
Yay for graduating! I walk next saturday...I'm so excited. Congratulations babe!
Ummm whats happening in July?!
Yay for bbm buddies!


Plz, plz, pay no attention to all the above comments, please.

Pay attention to my comment.

I 100% support your "Things I wish I could do" ... to see 'Someone', kiss 'someone', drop out of school for 'Someone',...

... then have 'Mr. Someone's' cry, cry twin babiessss. The first baby, you name "Memes Someone". Second b-a-b-y, you name "Front Step Of The Hall Graduation Picture That I Never Took Cos Of Someone"...., then 3rd cry, cry child, name him or her, "Slow Down And Finish School"

Buttercup said...

so u dont wanna meet me??? cos i havent gotten my bb???? THE HORROR!!!!

sweetness said...

ehem! 'someone'
explain more ;)

Chi-Chi said...

wow 4 real?
flabby....am pretty sure your slim lol

yea i really can't wait for koko mansion to start

forms are out!
it costs 5k LOOOL