*want-an empty desire*
I want you Lord

Need- a near desperate feeling of want
I need you Lord

*Come- an invitation to advance*
Come into my life Lord

*Guilt- a burning feeling that reminds you of your shameful mortality*
My guilt plagues me

*insecurity- a constant reminder that you're not good enough*
My insecurity makes it hard to see you in me

*question- statement that requires correction*
i have questions and i don't know if i'm allowed to

*doubt- your intuition reminding you not to trust too blindly*
I doubt my beliefs

*faith- an illogical belief*
My mustard seed of faith is getting smaller

*want-an empty desire*
I want you Lord


JustDB said...

wow.. well said.. don't we all need more of God in our lives? Guess the key issue is actually acting on our desires for God, difficult but doable...

Good to know u're good....and Thanks for stopping by....

mizchif said...

Just checking with u babes.
Hope u're good.

Afunto baby! said...

ahhh Thank Goodnessss! Finally... Ive missed ur blog small..lol soo tell me whose this dude? lmaoo jokin..

Lolia said...

I still don't get how want = empty desire but if you say so...

Lovely post though hun

Have a wonderful weekend xx

Buttercup said...

awwwwww boo.. i loved this! im also in this place right now..

Tiwa said...

First off thanks for the invite

n secondly I totally feel your post cuz I've been in that place..when you want God but you feel you don't have the means/strength/goodness to back up that want. Just hang on to the little faith you have left and keep going back to him when you feel low cuz he is your source.

My World said...

Long time,flabby....
Interesting post.
How you doing?

doll said...


Afunto baby! said...

Hey there, Ive totally gone private now sooo imma need for you to send me your email addy to me at afuntobaby@yahoo.com soo I can invite you to see/view my blog..xo

RocNaija said...

She that seeks.. shall find..