I'm Aliiive!!

I'm not dead or anything
My phone wont let me update
And i'm usually too lazy to brave this sloow Nig internet
I'm in Nig!!
Thanks to all my new (and old) followers and everyone that comments
i promise i read every single blog- i'm just veeery bad at commenting, but i'll try harder
I've come to the realisation that my randomisity is maybe a problem
In the middle of a conversation i get the 'huh'??
OMG- u guys have to see the most amazing article
Has anyone read twilight and thought 'what?'
Or watched the movie and thrown up a little in their mouth because the acting was sooo bad??
Then dayum!! you have to read that article
I'll put it up asap- this is just a quick post to say 'yeh i still exist'
I'll do a proper one again like tomorrow?


Nice Anon said...

good to know. I wondered where you were.

akaBagucci said...

Good to know then..

~Sirius~ said...

so im not the only one who thought that movie sucked!
So what was all the hype about?
I don't get it.

Lolia said...

But I like your randomosity :)

Anonymous said...

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