The thing I dont get about social networking is this- let's use twitter: you sign up and leave your account open (given that you have the option to restrict followers) and then you get mad at 'random' people that follow you. What did you leave it open for? Ok fair enough some weirdos exist and everything- but I don't think someone gets to be labelled a loser because they happened to find you funny.

I see it in a lot of social interaction- in person and online and I'm sorry to say mainly among Nigerians. I would like to make the social change- but hey! Who likes to be called a familiar loser behind their back?


2cute4u said...

I so agree with you on this and I actually had a serious row with someone on twitter over this issue..
How are you?
Hope good?
Take care dear..

jobsfornaija.com said...

well, its true sha. i think people take twitter too seriously sha.

flabby said...

2cute4u im good thanks!

Roc said...

The 'operative' word is probably 'hater'.

Oh well.. Social networking is a fad anyways. *kanye shrug*

Vanity said...

I love twitter and all the perverts who follow me. All the people who m0nitor their follow count and bitch over an unfollower. I love twitter and all the people RT'ing basic ass quotes like it's God's word.