The problem with black and white is that it doesn't exist. In skin colour or in life issues. Caramel, chocolate, tan...even with people that are so dark, they shine, I've never met someone with black skin. And even on the palest of complexions, never white skin.

So in a world where people are constantly classified as black or white,despite the facts that these colours do not exist on people, why do we expect situations to be black or white. Even when there are no shades of grey, there are shades of brown and almost nothing is exact and straightforward. In reading authors like Jodi Picoult, I' ve come to see the distinct emotional reasoning behind every situation. Even the law recognises this, which is why people can be charged either for manslaughter or murder for the same act of killing. Its always the intent that shapes a situation, rather than the actual outcome.

Let go of black and white notions. It clouds judgement. Actually, it creates judgement where there should be none. I can think of a few of my friends who would do good to stop judging things so harshly and just consider things strictly on their merit.

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