Coming to the realisation that someone you care about doesn't care about you is hard. I think as humans, our brains tend to function in terms of actions rather than emotion. That is, if someone does this, this and this then they care. If they do this, this and this, then they don't. I think this is really really false. Don't get me wrong- actions definitely show emotion, but are not always the correct indication.

For example, think of the way most people treat family. You love your family to bits but often take them for granted. Many people will say they will die for any member of their immediate family (jury's still out for that one), but in day to day interaction, they take their family for granted. Not calling as often as they should, not being there as much as they can, etc.

So why do we hold non-family members to a higher standard? Because we are already sure of the family's feelings?

Sometimes actions mean everything. Sometimes actions mean nothing.


moń said...

I always try to considerations of the family, because I care if we were always close

Rockola said...

You know there is a phrase I like that says "that you can be with someone more time but that doesn't mean that you love others less", and I guess it applies here, because yeah we do treat better those who aren't like family because they can really leave while the members of you family most of the time are always there and most of the time they can go...