Fiction Friday: Silent Voices

They said I went mad.

I remember that day. I was lying on my bed, thinking. A voice in my head spoke to me. ' take off your clothes'. The voice was urgent, desperate sounding. I tried to ignore it. It grew louder, harsher, almost threatening to destroy my brain from the volume of it. I took off my clothes.

'walk to your door'. This time resistance was shorter.

'open it and walk outside'.

I obeyed. People stared, pointed, covered their kids eyes. Cars slowed and people shouted things at me.

'they are jealous, ignore them', the voice said. I ignored them.

'walk faster'.

I walked faster.

A man shouted 'the police as coming for you'.

The voice asked me to run. I ran.

Then one day I was exhausted.I was tired of listening to the voice. It made me eat food from dustbins and wear paperbags. It made me walk for hours and run to escape the police. The voice sensed my tiredness.

'kill him'. Him was a random guy that occasionally shouted insults at me. 'kill him. Kill him.KILL HIM.'

I covered my ears and screamed.


I'm still not sure how I did it. They say it was with a piece of broken glass from the street. I'm not sure how I overpowered him, but there was blood. So much blood.

The voice was quiet when they blamed me. When they tried to kill me. His family ignored the voice. They wanted me punished. The voice remained quiet when they threw me in a small airless room.

They say I went mad.

The voice left before I could prove it wasn't me.

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Monika said...

I actually liked how you presented your innocence. scrolling down, it was an ending, quite abrupt but still I would say I liked the unfinished phrase. Do you account for any motivation for this post cause I am sensing it(lol).
Nice work, try writing more fiction. I ll be staying in touch with you. Btw, hi from across the seas.
Enjoy poetry with me!!

Rubina said...

Hi there.
I applaud your writing skills. Its great and it left me asking for more.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the remark @ the end.

You already know I like stories like this, no the usual Peanut-Butter-jelly write.

Can't wait to have you feature story.

See you soon!

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alone lonly said...

thanks alot
really, it was very atractive ,and i like it


i like..u r good at it...very...follow me an my poetry if u r a fan of it