I hate being emotionally attached to anyone. For some people, it's like a goal...they want that cute thing that couples have...they want someone to make their heart beat fast and all that. Me? not so much.


I've never really appreciated liking someone. Inbetween the cute moments are the moments that occur more often where I just want to scream and not feel anymore.

I hate the lack of control.

I hate someone else having any influence on my mood.

I hate thinking of them all the time.

I hate caring whether or not there's a message on my phone from them.

I like nothing about emotions. It's annoying and stressful and much more peaceful to just have friends and chill.

I really like when someone is heartbroken and I cannot relate to the pain. Obviously, I don't like people being heartbroken...it's sad and i've been there...it's not nice. However, I loved the detached feeling of looking at a heartbroken person and feeling bad for them but not truly relating to how they feel.

And I'm not saying all emotion ends in heartbreak. I'm saying I can do without all the highs and lows.

For now at least, I like stable.


Myne Whitman said...

Stable is good. All the best.

Blahblaholic ♥ © said...

Ehh =/
Heartbreak = my current emotion and state.
Butbut, it was for the better, I decided to end it, so yeah, "this too shall pass"
And yes, stable is good. So good

Alias said...

I feel like i wrote this post. This is how I am feeling right now

Anonymous said...

Stable may be good, but yu would be missing ut on the joy of having someone else being there, enjoying other peoples company whilst they enjoy yours, they don't have to be the person to influence your mood... you can still be your own person... You don't have to 'think of them all the time', its all about occupying yourself with and wothout that important person in your life. read a book, see friends, work out, etc... EMotins are apart o life, you can hide or run away from them for long, so face up too them, use them to the best you can, if you get 'heartbroken' pull yourself up, and think about the good times, or if thats too hard the bad times, and why you are better and bigger the person who broke you.

femmelounge said...

hmmn!i think they both have their good and bad sides, it all depends on what you think is best for you and the people you love.

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