everyone that has been dumped secretly wishes the person that dumped them is crying into their pillow, wishing they didn't do it.

The truth is, they hardly ever are. I'm always amused by how strongly people believe in cliches when it comes to the end of a relationship. 'They won't last' 'Noone can love him like me' 'I'm the best thing that ever happened to him'...bullshit...bullshit...bullshit.

Human beings move on. It's what we do. Don't let Greys anatomy fool you into thinking that 10 years from now, the 17 year old love of your life will come swanning back as if they never left.


Don't look at exceptions. People are exceptionally good at moving on. When you get dumped, so yourself a favour. Delete all contact information and social media alliances and move the hell on.

Stalking, even done in the privacy of your home, isn't cute.


Anonymous said...


Alias said...

Bleh.... the truth sucks ass....

andyflower01 said...

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TheRuby Writer said...

This is the sheer truth, we may not like it, we may try and lie that we've never done this but it is human error that we all commit at some point!

Easier said than done though hey!

Anonymous said...

True. Though moving on isn't always easy (and it often comes with a stage of denial and stalking done in the privacy of one's home, or in the comfort of one's cubicle at work), it's always for the best.

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