Friendship Whores

I don't like being friends with whores. I don't mean that in the regular sense of people who have sex for money...I mean people that give everything to everybody. You know, the kind of person that has like 50 best friends. When something happens, everyone knows. They talk a lot to everyone. They don't really have that concept of 'special'. Everyone is special, so noone is special.

I cant have a relationship or friendship or anything that ends in 'hip' with anyone that treats everyone the same. Your friends are not your children...you're allowed to have favorites. Mind you, I don't want to be everybodys best friend. Far from it infact, that would be a nightmare. I like, however, to know where I stand in people's lives. If I'm an acquaintance, I want to be just that...if we're friends, that's good too. If EVERYBODY is your close friend, then the value of your friendship is diminished and I don't want.

Now, why am I writing this? I'm not sure. I guess some things really are just pointless.


dosh said...

"Your friends are not your children...you're allowed to have favorites" love this line!

Friendship is easily one of the hardest things these days and it's so hard to understand why

Mario Bravo alameda said...

Hola que tal me gusta tu blog