From him to him..and him

Ok this is how it is right now...

So in the process of getting over Foil- i got really close to this guy-T. So you know how the cliche goes- now me and T are unofficially together. People start asking all these questions about how he got over me and Foil and whether i am infact over him and all that. Truth is-i dont think it matters that much to him- i'm with him now, arent i? although he does raise doubts about whether i'm truly over Foil. So one day i call Foil- this person that i talked to like everyday for 6 months..and he picks up the phone...i go like 'hii'..he goes hi..*insert name of ex girlfriend- the only ex he has had in 4 years*...understandably..i was quite irritated...hmmm where am i going with all this..oh yeah..so yesterday..for some weird reason..i just thought..'flabby yes or no answer- are u completely over Foil??'..um..no.That irritates me because i really like T-he makes me happy- but it would hurt me to think that he's just some sort of rebound guy.

So what's my point??
Is T a rebound guy?? (God i hope not..i dont want to hurt him because he's so good to me)

I know this is a question i can only answer myself- i just want to see it in writing.

And speaking of T..hes been resorting to emotional blackmail to get me to give him by blog URL! I keep trying to explain to him that i need something separate that he cant see into- but apart from obvious curiosity-its like he wants to see all of me-see into my soul..that was a ridiculously cheesy line, but thats really how it seems!!

Then theres another guy thats there. I'm fond of him- i really am..but he keeps planning stuff in 'our' future- like my bday which is a good three months away!! why?? lol..i cant even mention stuff that i like when i'm talking to him because theres a good possibilty that hell buy it!! i mean-there are nice people and all..but this is slightly ridiculous- T takes the mick out of him a lot..impying that hes desperate and all- me thinks someone is just jealous!!

I'm scared i'll wake up one morning and not feel anything for him-T..but he's scared i'll wake up one morning and not feel anything too--am i really that fickle???



Sting said...

No, u r just confused. Take ur time and don't stress too much about it. U'll be okay.

NaijaBabe said...

Dont worry...just take it easy!!

LOL...I'm a muslim so, no I havent tasted communion wine!! Hehehe

Thandiwe said...

ahn ahn no way!U are over that Foil guy!enough already!
and you like T which is very obvious from Is he a rebound God i hope not!stop stressing!it makes u confused and from the way i see it its nt really that confusing,its just cause ure thinking about it and dwelling on it u think u still like Foil!ure over him.lol

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

labels labels labels
why is it important that everything has a label.
rebound guy, or not it shouldnt really be important
after all any guy can break your heart whether rebound or not (case in point Foil)
It doesnt matter how a relationship starts (whether rebound, fling, affair, one night stand, friends etc)
what matters is how it ends and how its like before it ends (if it ends that is)
T obviously makes you happy (maybe not as happy as foil did ) but you are probably happier with him than you would be on your own.
focus on that 'your happiness' if you are happy thats all there is to it thats all that matters....labels dont mean a thing.

Buttercup said...

i dont think u r fickle..

u r not over Foil, but u want to be..hence T..i dunno if its a rebound thing, but sometimes, feelings dont just die that easily..its possible to still have feelings for Foil n also like T..

if u really wanna get over Foil, just try n focus on the things T does that make u happy..

u'll be aii!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

No, you are not fickle!
Your just a human being with feelings. Maybe you should take some time apart from T, to clear your head. No matter what, you will have feelings for foil for a minute...maybe you should give yourself more time to heal from that...Hope everything works out!
Take care,

uNWrItten* said...

u gave him ur URL...mmmmm...

Anonymous said...

hmmm, you better figure out something girl or you'll end up with no one. But whats foil look like? Is he cute, just kiddin....lol

how are you, first time here!!

Anonymous said...

cool ur blood joo...ur gon be fine...sha no take ur hand psoil everything

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

just finished a post crawling marathon on your blog
Read every single post from when you started blogging,
I must say I see a lot of who i was and part of who i still am when I read your posts
Its like looking through a looking glass.......
I better go back to writing up my report or else i will be fired come tomorrow