so foil has someone new in his life- wat am i supposed to feel? honestly? i dont know wat i feel


Anonymous said...

Pele. Whatever you feel is the correct feeling. Maybe you can use it to move on completely. God bless you. XOXO

Thandiwe said...

Foil as in Foil Foil!
okay dont mind me!!!

me i'm emm (whatever i'm feeling that this isnt really my business)for u


doll said...

 you should feel good I guess or feel excited like u r embarking on a new journey

doll said...

o i completely misunderstood Foil is ur ex...sorry o! try 2 get closure somehw cuz wen u do u wont even ask this question u will knw 4 sure dat u dont care

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

love this is your cue to move on.
A gentle push for you to accept the reality that Foil is your past and somebody else i going to have to be your future. Sometimes I wish I could personally show you that there is life out there for you just as much as there has been a new life out there for foil. I think you have cried enough, its okay to cry but therehas t be a point where we dry those tears and force ourselves to seriously pursue our own happiness,Life does go on BUT only if you let it.

xoxo Miss DM

Abujamaiden said...

I feel you! Time, shopping, icecream and prayers aid in the healing process. Don't overdo the shopping and icecream part though!

Check out my 'virgin diary' blog

Anonymous said...

like temite said... whatever you feel is good, as long as it doesn't hold you back or endanger anyone

Anonymous said...

you really want me to tell you....ok, well I cant tell you how to feel. Your heart knows best...but I can tell you want to do... NOTHING!

absolutely nothing, go on with your life as if he didnt exist. Find friends to hang out with (male/females) ignore his calls, and erase all about him.

Thank God you didnt marry him or birth a child with him...muah