A series of pointless conversations

me- me and my flatmate had an argument about glasses today..it was over such a stupid thing but it was the biggest argument we've ever had. it was quite upsetting..i actually cried

boy- wait. u guys were arguing about glasses?? are u being serious?

me- i think there were underlying issues there..bcos really it was terrible..i was going on about how she doesnt respect me..she was going on about how i dont respect her

boy- its not that u guys dont respect each other. its that u dont respect yourselves..

*in my mind*..are u frigging serious?? ur telling me i have no self respect at this point?? i am upset!! There are people whose calls i havnt returned..bcos i dont want to speak..im talking to u and i have no self respect???

*out loud* i dont think u get this..im just going to go
boy- no chill..y were u upset
me- i dont need you to be my therapist..bye.

me- if im really upset and i call u..the best thing for u to do is not tell me i have no self respect..even if it was true(which it isnt)..saying it at the begginning of ur speech was wrong

boy- havent u heard of tough love??

me- what?

boy- i just want u to see where im coming from

me- im just saying that was inappropriate

3.me- can u imagine my cousin said she dreamt that me and *jack were going out. people have problems.

boy- how does people having problems relate to ur cousins dream

me- im using my cousins dream as an example of how people have problems. it is a singular example backing a general statement.

boy- thats just pointless. it makes no sense.

me- just bcos u dont understand my point doesnt mean i dont have one

boy- wat u said is pointless

me- can we agree to disagree

boy- no. bcos ur trying to make out that u have a point which i dont understand instead of just admitting u have no point

me- i wont say i have no point to make you comfortable just bcos u dont understand my point. Can we just agree to disagree..half of the time u think i have no point anyway..so y r we arguing.y is this different?

boy- bcos half the time- ur wise enuf to accept u have no point

me- look, i just dont feel like arguing..most of the time..but not this time..im not going to say i have no point to make u comfortable

boy- i just want to hang up on u

me- y dont u them

boy- i just cant

me- oh you're so polite?

boy- i dont know. i just cant

me- so should i get off the phone to make u comfortable?

boy- do wat u want. i think u just called me to try and upset me

me- oh so i just called u to upset u cos that seems like a fantastic way to spend my evening??

boy- i dont know. i wouldnt put it beyond u

me- y did u say that

boy- y do you think i said that?

me- u know what? im going to go. i called u to say hey.if i upset u in the process..im sorry..bye.

Now..if ur reading this thinking..wtf?? are they 12? yep! i know its the silliest thing eva. the last convo is actually an abridged version!I know people are sighing and gasping at the fact that i dint just drop the fone..i guess im very tolerant.ive also learnt that perception is someones reality. if someone believes their own perception of things u cant change their minds. Ive also learnt that sometimes being the small person as opposed to the bigger person is immensely satisfying!! Sometimes i dont believe im an adult. these stupid things that i seem to constantly get myself into...Now for one last pointless conversation with a different boy.

boy- so how many people have u had sex with since you've been single?
me- ive neva had sex
boy- so if i had sex with u now..ull stain my sheets?
me- y d hell did u say that?!!



~Sirius~ said...

Your title is spot on.......Girl do you need someone to talk to? seriously?.........LOl! just kidding, I guess the fight took a lot from you,hope you feel better now.

Anonymous said...

Lol... this is like the funniest conversation ever!haha...
and u wer still even talkin t him

and as for the second dude... i just lack what to say to him!lol

Anonymous said...

WOW! WOW! Were you going out with these boys??? Seriously! I would cursed out his stupid intelligent self. The other boy needs to be slapped. Chei I was laughing and irritated at the same time.

flabby said...

sirius- tell me about it!i feel beta..thanx

talesandtallies- as in wen i dropped the fone..i was actually quite shocked i stayed on for so long!!

temire- i wasnt going out with either of them! lol..i get that laughter+irritation mix!! seriously!!

Nefertiti said...

LMAO... u stayed on the phone? You must be very tolerant. I get irritated quite easily. I'm allegic to this strain of the BS virus...like WTF

Nefertiti said...

*allergic...lol! I can't seem to type or speak right today.

Buttercup said...

LOL..oh my! Im also quite tolerant, sometimes my tolerance borders on being stupid!

How u doin jere?

flabby said...

nefertiti- yep..high tolerance..altho it did seem quite higher that day..i just couldnt believe i was having that argument!!

buttercup- lol..im gud!! haba..long time

Anonymous said...

please not about the glasses...something else...lol

thanks for stopping through and showing me love....how are you?

nice blog....ummm, maybe a touch of blue would be better *hint* my fav color...lol

Lady Koko said...

buhahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHH SO THIS IS WAT U WERE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!! BUHAAHHAHAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT EVEN LAUGH!!!!!!!!!! wow........

Abujamaiden said...

The last convo..classic, actually hilarious! Stain my sheets? LOl!

Thanks for the love on my last post.

Super Woman said...

.....im thinking he may be a little insensitive or maybe just plain ol' slow...

i have conversations like this from day to day because im still dating ...and usually the ones like him get hung up on LOL

Anonymous said...

yep...i like to read other peoples thought....i just posted...you dont wanna miss this one.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Lol@ fighting over glasses! Trust me, with roomates its easy to fight about anything after a while. When I had a roomate, one of our nastiest fights was about the remote control-for MY television btw!
Meanwhile, boy needs flogging. Why should he tell you that you dont respect urself? What nonsense? Anways, men are always trying to fix problems when all you really want them to do is listen...its quite normal...
How is life otherwise? Have a beautiful week ahead!!

MissLove said...

gees are some boys daft?


As I would tell one of my friends-o girl, u get time plenty for ur pocket lol...
I admit i have pointless convos as well!!! lol thanks for swinging by dont believe i have been here :)

Buki said...

Thank God you arent dating any of those guys...constantly having those kind of conversations have led the best of gals to acute depression...the "stainless sheet" guy needs help and you have a point!

Anonymous said...

I think this is quite funny and these guys sound like pple I will actually get along with. I love pointless conversations.