This is by miss DM..and its so absolutely true..theres always two sides to the story..so before u read this..read the post before..just so u fully understand..if u already read that one..then enjoy this one!!DM- i absolutely love u!xx

My dearest Flabby

If only you knew I dont care how you look
but what i dont get
Is how it aint important to wash your face for me
yet you will slap on four layers of makeup before facing the world??

If only you knew
when i tell my friends abt you,
I only tell them the good stuff
Coz how else would they respect you
and love you like they do
if i told them the truth.......
that you dont like them
and the things you said about them.
If only you knew i wish you would do the same for me.

if only you knew
confiding in yor friends aint an issue
what hurts me a little
is when they know stuff about us
well before I do
If only you knew
all i ask of you
is to tell me when you angry well before you tell them

If only you knew that
not returning your calls
doesnt mean I no longer care
It means i've been busy, i've been caught up
or im having a bad day and i dont want to take it out on you
If only you knew that even when i dont call
you always fresh in my mind and busy as i am I keep thinking about you

If only you'd realise that i dont snore on purpose
and that i long for the day
when you will love me
my warts, snores and all

if only you'd realise
I dont mind you holding my hand
but i dont understand
why its only in public or when people are watching
when in private you always too tired......so do you jus love me for show?

If only you would realise
what im asking u to get
Is the fact that that I love you
thats why im with you.
I dance coz i like music
I chat coz im being friendly
but when the club closes
when the dancing is over
when the chatting is finished
Theres only one one woman always take home
that woman is you.

If only you'd realise
actions speak louder than words
when I dont say I love you
Im hoping that the million and one things I do
and im willing to do
always prove how i feel
without me needing to say a word.

if only you'd realise
despite my mistakes
despite my shortcomings
despite my imperfections
you are the only woman i love
the only woman im with
the only woman I keep coming back to despite our many fights
If only you would realise whatever I do,
my heart is always in the right place.


Anonymous said...

I love this...there's always two sides to a story and I'm glad to see this response

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

hey hun, jus wanted you to see that there are always two sides to every story.
PS: love you too

~Sirius~ said...

Awww, perfect answer to the post before. All this is just a case of miscommunication ......
That's why it's never fair to jump into conclusions or make assumptions.

Confessions of a London gal said...

Thats it! Thats the kind of love i'm waiting 4! Nice one guys!!

Buttercup said...

If only the 'other side of the story' cud ALWAYS be obvious..

MissLove said...


Anonymous said...

and the two sides just makes it all so confusing... a defense for every action, every one would jst have their own interpretation...
like buttercup said, this side ain't so obvious

Abujamaiden said...

So MissLove, T&T, Abujamaiden long distance babes we seem to have the same issues lately.

Its good to know the other side of the story.

As in this was juicy! Sweet!

Tiwa said...

This deserves one big AWWWWWWWWW

ShonaVixen said...