random realization past midnight

I've come to the conclusion that it takes approximately 2 weeks to determine if someone is ever going to like you or not. Be warned that after this period of two weeks-it might seem like their feelings for you are 'growing', but trust me-at the end of 1 mnth? Two? Three? The situation reverts to that which you guessed in the 2 week period. He really wasn't that into you.

Now I see some girls reading and recoiling and going 'yeh that might be you-sure aint me-people actually get to know me' yeh yeh-tell yourself that as you scroll thru your messages comparing msgs from week two and week 6-day 42. Don't get me wrong-im not saying it takes two weeks for someone to like you. Its possible that they barely even know you at that time. What I'm saying is it takes approximately two weeks (maybe less) for you to know if someone is going to like you or not. And you know what I think? That's a veery good time frame. Because you can walk away before you find yourself stuck in a situation where your feelings are not being reciprocated.

Why am I doing a post on you figuring out whether someone likes you-and not on if you actually like them? Well that's because u know within an hour of meeting someone if they stand a chance.

Ps-you do not have to agree-but you're welcome to post differing opinions (as long as it doesn't state that emotions are not an exact science-because let's face it-they kind of are)



Chi-Chi said...

Flabby!! it's been a while
yea, i guess your right .
the first two weeks or so could actually say if the person is into u or not ...x

Nice Anon said...

Na first time talk for me o! Two wks na long tin. So yeah you're right. Long time o

flabby said...

chi-chi, yeh its been a while!

nice anon- yep, two weeks is a long time but sometimes u have to give the initial attraction room to die down.

mizchif said...

Someone remembers she has a blog.....

You know i agree with you about knowing if someone stands a chance within the first hour. For me whether male or female, my initial impression of someone doesn't change.

But of course i do not agree with you on emotions being an exact science, but that would be an arguement for later.

Anonymous said...



it definitely shouldn't take longer than 2 weeks. Granted I understand that some people are slower to show their emotions, but you should definitely have some clue within 2 weeks.

How far? Long time...


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