Not Quite white...Or Black.

Grey. Outside and Inside. My heart-my soul. Yes there's blood pumping through my lungs-my veins-but its all grey. Grey blood. Grey emotions. Grey-undecided-unqualified. Not the solitude of white-or the dark anger of black-just grey. Bland-uninteresting-un feeling. Blood pumps, heart beats. Still more grey.

A smile-a word-a message. A flash of red. Or blue. But temporary, before the grey washes it away. Again. A lie from an artist. They can paint you over. Dress you up inside the way you're dressed outside. Coulourful-interesting-not quite bland. A flash of yellow. Maybe not take away all the grey. Grey goes with many colours. Temporary blues, reds, indigo-yellow-orange-green. Happiness and smiles. Dancing in the rain. A warm colourful glow that comes from within-spreads around. Colours so bright, they can't be contained-they break free from the canvas. How could it ever be so grey. The lie ends. The grey returns. Its almost comforting. Grey.

Not quite white. Or black.