I'm here to print a retraction. The post about trust being overrated before? I lied. To myself.

Trust makes you sleep at night and go through the day. We NEED to trust. Imagine a world without trust? You wouldn't be able to go to bed for fear that the 'secure' lock isn't as secure as advertised. You won't be able to form new relationships- friends or lovers, because you would never believe anything.

You'll constantly feel like everyone/ everything is out to get you.

Lack of trust= paranoia.

Paranoia= bad life.

I was wrong before.

Trust is definitely rated where it should be.


Sumptuous said...

I've got a q though. Why d change of heart?

Roma said...

i admire your honesty.
And you are completely right about the need for trust , but i don't know about oyu -buti find it really difficult to put trust in people :/

P.s I really like your writing and you look somewhat of a pro so i was wondering if it's be ok if you took a quick look at my blog (still working out how to use it) and tell me what you think? I fyou hate it, please say-i'd appreciate any comment!
Keep up the writing though, i'll be following you (in a non stalker-ish way!).

mizchif said...

I'm glad that you can put up a retraction when you come to a new realization :)

I didn't even mean to rhyme.

flabby said...

@ Sumptous, i guess i lied to myself before.

@mizchi- hey u:)

Retromus-ik said...

Trust is necessary but hard to do. I never question the fact that when I lock my door it is actually locked. But, people's intentions, that's something else. (If this comment appears twice, it's because I thought it didnt post the first time--my computer is acting up-, my apologies;)

flabby said...

Yeah, trusting another human being is definitely one of the hardest things to do, but the alternative is anxiety. Maybe a better thing to do is to trsut that we can handle it when people inevitably hurt us.

ps- the comment only appeared once :)

lamikayty said...

true true...
paranoia = no life!

doll said...

i like this dimension...i have always been a firm believer in trust

Myne Whitman said...

Nice to read your new thoughts. And yeah, it's difficult to trust others but you choose and most importantly, you trust yourself to deal with the good and bad stuff in life.