The 'Truth' Hurts

Have you ever wondered why 'honesty'is always negative? If someone gives you two versions of events- one positive and one negative, why are you more inclined to believe the negative version? Its crazy when I hear 'the truth hurts'- why? Why does it ALWAYS have to hurt?

Why can't the truth just be positive?

Why is it that people that herald themselves as 'truth speakers' are usually negative? And why do we always take their word as the truth?

Truth is- the truth isn't always negative. It's have all perceptive- just look at bella naija comments about people that achieved something to see people saying nonsense like 'I read her book- its no big deal', 'the grammar in this story is horrible' 'my tailor can make that outfit'. Then why are you sitting on bellanaija instead of using that critique to produce something better?

I'm tired of all this negativity being named as truth. Let's change perceptive or learn to be constructive in our criticism. 'I'm just being honest' isn't enough of a justification for being a 'hater' and generalized statements like 'the truth hurts' mean as much as saying 'all black people steal' and we know how true that is.



Myne Whitman said...

Preach it dear. Somebody called it candid cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, truth hurts cos often times, criticisms are expressed in 'destructive' and 'offensive' manners.

Nutty J. said...

You sound upset Flabby

The only reason the truth hurts is becos people hardly say the positive truths...and when they do say some 'nice'/positive truth we take it as a compliment....and shrug it off

The negative truth is the one that lingers,its the one we remember, becos it hit a nerve or two...hence the saying 'truth hurts'

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts, i dunno, but i guess the world is wired in a way to make the truth hurt.....kinda