I think most of us have felt what being in love feels like without actually being in love. You know those crazy feelings with infatuation or lust or a really crazy crush...the thing is those feelings, they don't last. That's the difference...I think. Until I fall in love, I won't know for sure.

Isn't it funny how we're different things to different people? Like to some people I'm this enthusiastic happy person and to some people I'm cold. Neither of them is wrong. People just bring out different parts of you.

It's funny how little I have to lose and how scared I still am. Right now I have nothing. No I can lose nothing. But yet, I can't seem to propel myself forward. I'm still scared.

What happens when I have a lot to lose?

What then?

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Drrama Queen said...

I liked the post. I agree with the whole 'we are different things to different people' .. Some people know just one side to me .. It's like that saying which goes 'U only know about me what I show' or 'What u know of me is but the tip of a huge iceberg' .. Keep Blogging :) I love to read!! :)
And btw,thanks for commenting on my post! And thank u even more for saying m mature and all *grins foolishly*