Why is capri-sun so tasty?

I have a few more questions

Why is pasta so tasty?

Why is ribena so tasty?

Why is chocolate cake so tasty?

Why is it so hard to learn another language?

Why is it so easy to be lazy?

Why does it take days to put on weight and weeks to lose it?

I coincidentally started a new exercise regime on the first of the month! I didn't even realise, although my body was being very persuasive in getting me to put on trainers. Even though running 4.41 miles in two days made my body hurt all over (the joys of being unfit), I still chomped down half a chocolate cake in said two days. I still drool thinking about that cake...it was delicious! I might never make another type of chocolate cake again (hmmm...actually since i found that recipe, I haven't baked any other type).

Learning French is so frigging hard. But I WILL BE A FRENCH SPEAKER BEFORE I DIE meme si elle me tue.

I've been thinking...the angel and demon are equal right now. I'm as healthy as I am unhealthy. I'm as lazy as I am hardworking. I have to find a way to tip the scales.

Being broke and spotty just doesn't really work.


Rubina said...

Hi there

I wish I had a sweet tooth! The chocolate cake sounded so great but the sight of anything chocolaty makes me sick. I have very few pleasures and that too I eat just a bite and its too much. I have a problem I think!
But once again your writing is great!

Drama Queen said...

Heyy , new follower *waves at u*

I too have started learning French :D And started a new exercise regime!
Good luck with all that btw :)