There's a lot to be said for staying.

Isnt that what God does?
Yes- in everything relating to how much we should take...I reference God.

Basically, we can do anything- and as long as we can appreciate that we were wrong, we can start over.

How come with humans, it's all 'I forgive you but...'

'But we can never be friends again'

'But I can never trust you again'

'But this kind of behaviour is unacceptable'

There are too many conditions. Staying is weak or stupid or just against the general principle of life.

But why?

I'm not a stayer and it's the people who act the worst that comment on the fact that I'm always looking for an opportunity to run away. So obviously, I put what they say down to bullshit...like how can you add badly and then be-grudge me for running away?

But when I think about it...staying means something. Staying is something we don't try enough.

I don't mean staying when you might end up dead.

Or staying when the only way you can sleep is sleeping pills.

Or staying when your betrayal is too deep to stay and forgive.

Or staying when you're.just.not.happy.

You know what? I was wrong...leaving is definitely how it's supposed to be.


Drama Queen ™ said...

I believe that we should forgive people completely. And if we really do so, then there are no buts.. But yeah,sometimes things are so screwed up that you just can't find the strength or you just don't feel like forgiving that person ..

Rubina said...

Hi there

By the sound of all this, I believe I am a tragic stayer in all parts of my life. I take alot of pressure from everybody. I take all the nonsense my husband puts me throught and the worst part is, he does it 3-4 times more. Just by me not leaving or standing up, nothing changes. That was just one example. The reason behind my silence - nomatter how bad life smacks you, the moment you stand up or fight back , you will initially pay for the damages! Forgiveness is not easy and thats why people place conditions after. But pure forgiveness has no conditions.

fearless said...

er, i beg 2 disagree. evrth's got condns. wisdom is profitable 2 direct. and not ever1 uv met or will meet is good 4 u. some ppl need 2 b pruned ASAP

Anonymous said...

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