Respect. It's one of those things. A slippery slope. It's something that isn't necessarily discussed all the time, but something that we all expect- albeit mostly unconsciously from our relationships.

It starts from self respect. How highly do you rate yourself? What do you think you deserve from life? How important do you think you are...to earth?

Loss of respect always starts from the beginning of compromise. How much you're willing to compromise is often how much respect you're willing to lose (or in few cases gain). It's always hard to tell what effect our actions have directly on respect in real time. It's often better appreciated in retrospect.

Everytime you do something outside of your morality of principle meter, you are losing respect for yourself because you are saying the action is greater than you. Invariably, people respect you less. It's all very complicated. Respect. But oh so important. It makes the difference between a feminist and a prostitute. A mean boss and a hardworker.

Self-respect. I need to bottle the formula for that.


Natural Nigerian said...

Unfortunately, there are no LIKE buttons in blogger.

I heart this post.

Chizy K said...

yes ooo, i always say it, u need to respect urself for others to respect you, this has nothing to do with agem cos no one respects a stupid old man
Lovely post


Anonymous said...

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