My Best Friend

...is simple.

In a world where everyone complicates everything, it's necessary. Everybody needs a friend that looks at a problem in terms of the solution and nothing else. People are always looking at problems from all sides of the spectrum, instead of just abandoning all that examination and solving it.

...is honest.

It's exhausting to constantly have to read between the lines of what someone is saying. With her, I know I never have to. Even when it's hard, even when it hurts.

...doesn't indulge in pity parties.

This- I often hate. Who doesn't like a good pity party? With her, it's straight- it happened, it happened, leave it alone.

...doesn't over-analyze anything.

No need to think if 'hi' really meant 'bye', 'no' really meant 'maybe'...Like i said...

My best friend is simple.

I wouldn't have her any other way. ok ok, maybe a little more flexible sometimes, geez!


Chizy K said...

ur blessed cos u cant buy real friendship neither is it easy to come accross.

doll said...

lucky you