err..10 minutes

i only have ten things..so one thing per minute...

1. i am so loving keisha cole rite now!!

2. im starting to feel left out of the blog community..i didnt start this blog 2 make friends..but after a while..ur like ah ah!!

3. Its so friggin hot..i had 2 go and invest in some white tank tops..well..not invest sha..it was only pmark stuvs mehn..cant shout!

4. He CAAAALLED ME!! and then TEXTED ME!! in the same frigging day..AFTER we already talked!!! wooooooooh!!! so eggciting

5. I was randomly wondering what it would be like to make out with a girl the other day..i decided it'd be..squishy..neh..ive neva evn bin with a 'cuddly' guy

6. The stupid cheap bookstore had to go and close..who wants to buy books at real prices..shio!

7. um..exams ko easy o..maybe thats y ive bcome so boring..i mean look at this post!!

8. i dont know y pple r always wanting to do me o!! ah ah..im tired of being 'the one we want to shag'

9. y do pple say..'find a guy that calls u beautiful instead of hot!!..um..u berra find a guy that finds u attractive..enuf said!

10. nigerian film quote- 'maybe if u took more care with ur appearance..ull turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swine'



uNWrItten* said...

thanks for stopping by hun!! keisha cole is the truth!!! lol

Anonymous said...

First of all im liking your playlist o!

Luvin keyshia cole right now aswell! Talented...enuf said.

Lol @ number 3 & 6.

Number 9...well with the word beautiful look at it this way. True beauty goes beyond the physical.A guy that falls in love with you for who you are, rather than wanting to be with you just because you are 'hot' is bound to stick around 4 longer. Think about it....

Lol @ number 10..9ja films uve just gotta love them mehn.

Charizard said...

@ number 2...uh dnt feel left out dearie...u know w@ i'ma gon direct sometraffic in ur direction..jus watch out for ma next post...

@ 7...as in...geez am soo dozing over this post...buh funnyily enough loving it...

@ 8..ehn? o ma fine gidi gan ni yen ke?

@ 10...huh? WTF? heehhehee lol...

Naija finegirl said...

lol at beautiful swine. Am loving ur blog.