Patience and Sensiblity

'by trying to be different..we are all the same'
Hehe..thats my wise quote for the day that i made up! Anyway..i've realised something very disturbing about myself. I'm addicted to kissing. Well maybe 'addicted' is a strong word. But im not sure what a more suitable word would be. It's not just the actual kissing. I love to talk about it..think about it. I'm worried. I've always know that i'm a bit weird..but this is just disturbing. Yesterday my friend asked 'have u ever turned a kiss down'..off course i have..lol..i'm not THAT bad. Hmm..but i had to think about it for sometime before names of the so-called 'rejected' started popping into my head. So really.what's the solution to this problem?

I think im finally becoming more..sensible? Maybe it's re-reading my posts and thinking..'ok..this is slightly pathetic'..but i'm not waiting for the phone to ring anymore..i'm waking up and thinking..'what time should i start studying today'..not..'i miss ______ boy'..so yay!!

And i keep making friends with guys that have girlfriends. ok..what is it with guys that have girlfriends and wanting to make friends with hot single girls ehn? im not talking about guys that mess around..guys that luff their babes madly! they now want to be all..'i feel like ur my best friend'..errr? lol!!

Some of my friends want to go and wash my head inside a river o..they think being single for so long isnt normal..but i know peopel that have been single for the 20 years of their life! yep..never been kissed..never had a boyfriend..etc. So which river is big enough to wash their own head? eh? I think things should just take their natural course. I don't want anyone to push me with their..'is it that you just dont meet guys'..'are u meeting the wrong guys'...'even so and so has someone on their case(which i think is very insultive btw)'..its this same friends that will berate u when you end up with someone totally unsuitable. So everyone..i might be a lot of things..but i'm not desperate! or searching for that matter. Things happen in their time..and i'm patient!



Afrobabe said...

Yep, just be patient dear...you aren't missing anything...

Anonymous said...

just went through your blog, 1 year 9 months??...lol and ur even a fine girl(according to you sha..lol)
I am trying to understand..but.....
i dont get it...1 year 9 months???
lol...well im glad ur over him now u definately took ur time

flabby said...

LOL...i know its crazy..now that i'm over him..i think..what??

Anonymous said...

My dear, well said jare.

I really dont understand that-
"Omg,Im single I have to have man" mentality.As in the best things come to those who freaking wait!

I really cant stand desparados seriously. They end up getting less than what they deserve and then what their heart gets broken. As in really though there is no need to put yourself through all that crap.Thats what me i've learnt sha, the best guys usually come along when you least expect it..true talk!