I've Been Tagged:(

Oh Minky..whyyy???

The rules...

1. Link the person(s)who tagged you(err..i just realised i don't know how to link)

2. mention the rules in your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. tag six following bloggers by linking them (i don't know how to link)

5. leave comments on each of the tagged blogs letting them know they've been tagged...

OK..unspectacular o..Minky prepare to be bored!!

1. I love to shop ALONE- i don't see shopping as a bonding experience, except I'm not buying anything or the person is paying. I'd rather shop alone..choose my own random stuff..take my time or rush depending on how i feel..hang around a shop for an hour and then NOT buy ANYTHING!! I love shopping alone!

2.I love the mirror- I'm not vain, although a lot of people will beg to differ..i just fond it weird that you can look in the mirror and cant tell whether you're good looking or not..if theres a mirror..I'm looking in it..PS-reflecting surfaces work just fine.

3. I read too much. Now im sure this applies to most people that blog, but I'm talking about reading everything on labels of cereal packets..and bottles..and signboards..other peoples lecture notes..etc

4. I'm very sweet (bordering on cheesy)- I'm that person that writes letters..(not all those razz love letters)..but letters that remind him of all the firsts..or send an email reminding him of how happy it makes me for him to start my day..i send thank you cards and notes..i remember the most inconsequential things about people..i make Cd's..omg! my apparent cheesiness disgusts me..PS-my sweetness spreads to girls too o!

5.I hardly get bored. The only time i get bored is in someone Else's space..such as waiting rooms..but in my own space..theres always something to do..think, read, write, draw, paint, listen to music..as in seriously..how are people always bored??

6. I love to chill in the dark. i love the dark. That's probably why my eyes are bad(even though i will NEVER wear glasses)..In a house alone..i would just lie in the dark..listen to music...just chill..my family hates it!!

OK..that's it. Erm..hasn't everybody been tagged?? that's it folks..wait charizard..have you been tagged..i tag u and buttercup..sorry i cant link u guys sha..but ill let u know on Ur blog..ha!



Anonymous said...

Omg babes we are tewww similar!!

1) I would much rather shop by myself aswell cause im slow too when it comes to shopping and I don't like wasting people's time. When I am by myself I dont have to worry about the person being fed up of waiting!

2)I have been accused of being a mirror lover too o and I am not vain! But really though I only do the mirror looking in the mirrors in my crib..no reflective surface sturvs!

3) I tend to read a lot of stuff too.I dont go as far as reading lecture notes though.My own notes are more than enough for me!

4)Aww that is just teww cute, I love small simple sweet gestures like that as opposed to expensive gifts.

5)Thats me mehn...I dont get bored easily.I can entertain myself!

6)I like chilling in a darkish room too.I often leave my curtains in my room drawn closed and my momsi complains too.Dont know why that disturbs her!

Yayyy I am 1st too! Lol about being there before Tininu.

Charizard said...

Yeah me too...all the times I went shopping with peeps they jus influenced ma decision wrongly...

mirror lover! see ur head...blo'y narcissiist!

yeah am with u on that one!

@ number 4 omg!!!! I so hate u ryt now cuz ma next post is about as cheesy as you described...chei flabby I sense sth here o...hmmn...

omg flabby...we must be twins or sth...I loove the dark too mayn...ma peeps are always scared an' thing like as if I'm a witch or sth...buh In the dark I jus feel like I have the upper hand u know?

flabby said...

hmm..chari..upper hand?hmmm..lol..i dont know o!!

minky..u know? were alike shey!

Buttercup said...

i totally feel u on #s 2, 3 n 4..lol....i got tagged, yay!!!!

NaijaBabe said...

I feel u on *3 mehn...I have this weird habit of picking up anything and I mean anything especially when I'm about to eat, so for some odd reason, you might catch me flipping through a catalogue of DIY tools not bcos I need anything from it but bcos I have to read somn when I'm eating