It happened like this (1)

He opened the door. He looked dreamy in a plain white t and khaki shorts. It was all i could do not to jump on him. 'hey'..i said, my voice sounding quiet,even to me. i brought a present i said holding up the small hastily wrapped package to him. He smiled. I felt weaker. @thanks..you know you shouldn't have'. he stepped back and let me in. 'let me take your jacket'..he said, holding out his hand. i slipped it off..I suddenly felt quite naked in my tank top and shorts. The look that felt casual this morning suddenly felt like 'too much skin'. He opened the door to his room and waited for me to come in. My eyes flashed involuntarily to the bed and i looked way quickly, ashamed of my racy thoughts.

'So. Do you want to start cooking now, or do you want to chill for a bit?'..he said standing in front of me, his hands in his pockets.

'um..i guess we should start..i'm getting kind of hungry'..'for you'..i thought blushing and thanking God for dark skin.

'wait..let me see what you got me'..my heart leaped to my throat, and i cursed silently in my brain.

'oh'..he said, opening the small package. A CD. I wonder what's on it. I shuddered. the mix that seemed so thoughtful at the time i made it now seemed embarrasing and slightly cheesy. 'lets listen to it in the kitchen.'

'No O'..i heard myself saying. 'um'..'no'..i said more quietly. He laughed. 'Fine..let me feed you before you start making embarrasing hunger sounds..'


soupasexy said...

i c u got ur playlist, beauriful songs..wow. i like.
awwwww, how romantic!

flabby said...

i dont know y i made it purple!! so random!!

Charizard said...


somebody get crushi o...ooo...*whistling through ma teeth* love, love, love makes the world go round...

NaijaBabe said...